8AM HOUR In this our final hour of Wakeup Call, we begin with our sports and social justice commentator Dave Zirin who today is looking at the role of athletes in last weekend's Washington anti-war rally. We then investigate what the EPA is, or is not, telling residents of New Orleans about the environmental dangers present after the floods of Hurricane Katrina. And Wakeup Call continues to bring you testimonies from the International Haiti Tribunal that took place last Friday in Washington DC. Today we hear from an independent journalist based in Haiti. And finally, we bring you a beautiful Indian Musical Love Poet - live in our Studio! Sports & Social Justice with Dave Zirin GUEST: Dave Zirin, author of What's My Name Fool, Sports and Resistance in the United States. The Environmental Protection Agency Must Come Clean on Toxins in the Waters of New Orleans Guest: Sean Moulton, senior policy analyst with OMB Watch. International Haiti Tribunal Meets in DC Tape: Testimony from the Haiti Tribunal held in DC Friday Sept 23, 2005.GUEST: Margarete Dominique, host of WBAI's "Haiti, The Struggle Continues" An Indian Musical Love Poet - Live in our Studio! GUEST: Kiran Ahluwalia, Ghazal singer ***Kiran Ahluwalia will be performing @ Satella**** Thursday, September 29 at 7:30PM 37 W 26th St between Broadway and 6th Ave For more information call (212) 576-1155 or click here Audio coming soon 7AM HOUR President Bush has just appointed a former Board member of Radio and TV Marti to head the Corporation for Public Broadcasting. We look at where this well practiced right-wing media propagandist could take the CPB. Also, a report just released by Human Rights Watch evidences new claims of torture by US troops. And our legal correspondent Mimi Rosenberg joins us as we look at the case of the St Patrick's Day Four, who were just acquitted. We speak with one of the defendants. Another Political Appointment: This One to head the CPB. GUEST:Celia Wexler, Common Cause's Vice President for Advocacy GUEST:Timothy Karr, Campaign Director for Free Press More Allegations of Torture by US Troops GUEST: Mark Galasco, Human Rights Watch Acquittal of the St. Patrick Four REPORTER: Mimi Rosenberg, Wakeup Call's Legal Correspondent and Host of WBAI's Building BridgesGUEST: Peter De Mott, one of the St. Patrick Four Audio coming soon 6AM Hour Today on Wake Up Call, we continue to bring you the speech of anti-war MP George Galloway at the recent DC Anti-war rally. And also this hour, another historic confrontation is likely between the Mayors office and the city's 40,000 yellow cab drivers as gas prices have hit $4 a gallon and the cities drivers are feeling the devastating effects. We look at the solution proposed by the Taxi Workers Alliance. And we look at moves on Long Island to oppose any of the Bush plans to privatize social security - we ask "what's Religion got to do with it?" Anti-War MP George Galloway addresses DC Rally Tape: Speech of George Galloway Speech www.MrGallowayGoesToWashington.com NYC Taxi Drivers Demand Gas Surcharge HOST: Biju Mathew, Host: WBAI's Global Movements Urban StrugglesGUEST: Kevin Fitzpatrick, NYC Taxi Driver Social Security and the Church: What's Religion Got to Do with it? REPORTER: Jim KrivoGUEST: Lisa Tyson, Long Island Progressive Coalition. Audio coming soon ****EVENT**** STOP Human Rights Abuses Against Black People in the U.S.Racism, Police Brutality / Murder, Militarism, Criminalization of Poverty, Death Toll. Displaced Masses, Separation of Families, Missing Children, No Health Care, No Eduction, No Housing, Government Neglect, Corporate Profiteering. Thursday, September 29, 2005 @ 6:30pm Restoration Plaza Courtyard 1368 Fulton Street Brooklyn, NY (A or C Train to Nostrand Ave) For more information call 718-398-1766 December 12th Movement, Black Aid, Millions More Movement