Today on Wakeup Call, a website lets soldiers post gruesome photographs of war dead – in exchange for access to internet pornography. With this new revelation, and the Lynndie England verdict, we look at the state of America’s soldiers. Also, with an indictment handed down in a Texas lawsuit, House Majority Leader Tom Delay steps aside. If convicted, Delay faces a possible two year jail sentence. Can he ever return to the Republican leadership? And as we approach the five-year anniversary of the al-Aqsa intifada, Israeli aircraft have been firing on the Gaza strip since Tuesday, leaving most of the Gaza City without electricity. We go to Palestine. And we’ll close out today’s show with the filmmaker and recording artist B plus – his new movie, Brazilintime, brings together American hiphop and Brazilian drumming.

Israel’s Bombing Gaza
GUEST: Peretz Kidron, Independent Journalist and activist living in Jerusalem. Contributor of Pacifica Radio for more than 30 years.

Why Are Soldiers Trading Death for Porn?
GUEST: Dan Baum, Staff Writer for the New Yorker.

Tom Delay Steps Aside
GUEST: Tyson Slocum, Research Director for Public Citizen's Energy Program.

Roots and Rhythm, Hip Hop and Film
Co-HOST: Jay Smooth, Wakeup Call Music Editor, Host of WBAI’s Underground Railroad and editor of www.hiphopmusic.com
GUEST: B Plus, filmmaker and recording artists.

***EVENT***Brasilintime Screening & PartySundayOctober 2, 2005 @ 7.30pm-12Spirit Nightclub530 W. 27th St. NYRSVP at: http://www.rareformnyc.com/brasilintime/
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In New York politics, Secretary of State Randy Daniels recently resigned his post – and now seems to be contemplating a run for governor. We’ll look at the man and his prospects. And we return to the International Tribunal on Haiti, as the testimony heats up in the last installment of our week-long series. Also, most of our stories on Hurricane Katrina and its aftermath have focused on the African-American community in New Orleans, a community hard hit by the storm and the government’s failings. New Orleans also has a large Asian community – how have they fared in the weeks since the storm?

Randy Daniels for Governor of New York?
GUEST: Herb Boyd, award-winning author, journalist and teacher.
GUEST: Erroll Lewis.

International Haiti Tribunal Meets in DC
Tape: Testimony from the Haiti Tribunal held in DC Friday Sept 23, 2005.

Asian American Communities Devastated by Katrina
GUEST: John Kim, with the National Hip Hop Political Convention and REACH Hip Hop, and an organizer of tonights event, RELIEF, a benefit for APIA survivors of Hurricane Katrina.

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In our first hour, we hear more from the anti-war British MP George Galloway – an excerpt of his recent address in Washington. And we’ll look at local efforts to help New Orleans, with a slew of benefits scheduled for this week. And in today’s regional roundup segment, we turn to New Jersey, where more than two years after the headline-grabbing death of Faheem Williams, advocates say the Division of Youth and Family Services still isn’t serving the children of the state.

Anti-War MP George Galloway Addresses DC Rally
Tape: Speech of George Galloway Speech.

Harlem Hurricane Helpers “We got your back/pack”
GUEST: Reverend Malika Lee Whitney, Pickney Productions.

****EVENT****Come and donate school suppliesfor children impacted by Hurrican KatrinaThe Harlem Children’s Zone35 East 125th St, Harlem NYSaturday, October 1st from 2pm-6pm
Katrina: Racism, Reparations, & Self Determination: The People Speak!
GUEST: Roger Wareham, attorney and activist.

***EVENT***Thursday, September 29, 2005 @ 6:30pmRestoration Plaza Courtyard1368 Fulton Street, Brooklyn, NY(A or C Train to Nostrand Ave)For more information call 718-398-1766December 12th Movement, Black Aid, Millions More Movement
Bush, Racism and the Katrina Disaster. How will Africans in America Respond?
GUEST: Rosa Clemente, Hip-Hop activist and journalist.

***EVENT***Saturday, October 1st @ 2pmThe House of the Lord Church415 Atlantic Ave, Brooklyn
Regional Report: New Jersey
REPORTER: Ruth Neustadter
GUEST: Hetty Rosenstein Head of the CWA, Communication Workers of America, Local 1037.
GUEST: Cecilia Zalkind, Executive Director of the Association for Children of NJ.

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