The two British undercover special forces men arrested after a firefight in Basra, Iraq, win the most intriguing story of the week. They were most likely elite SAS (Special Air Service), a bunch of highly-trained killers. Disguised as Arabs, they were caught with explosives and apparently fired into a crowd. British forces stormed the jail in which they were being held by Iraqis.

What was going on? Almost certainly a `false flag terror operation. They were to plant their bombs which
would be blamed on `Islamic terrorists. This nasty tale raises the obvious question: how many other US and British covert agents are staging terrorist attacks?

Are the U.S. and Britain playing the traditional divide and rule game in Iraq by trying to provoke civil war between Sunnis and Shia? Is the notorious Abu Musab al-Zarqawi a real person, or a construct of the US Armys Psywar Ops? Remember, the Brits used SAS agents in Northern Ireland to provoke battles between IRA factions.

The Israelis, who have been providing much advice to the US in Iraq routinely use false flag phony Arabs to plant bombs and shoot at other Palestinian groups. In fact, one bunch of disguised Israeli agents masquerading as al-Qaida got caught red-handed. Moscow has used similar false flag ops to blacken the name of Chechen independence fighters.

Stay tuned, and stay cynical.