Sometimes you have a conversation with someone and you can’t think of the right responses to their words until after you have already parted and then you cannot wait to see them again so that you can say what you wanted to say in the previous discussion but then it seems out of place so you forget about it.

In a conversation yesterday in which I was complaining about the erosion of civil liberties in America a man said to me "it’s not as bad as you think ....but just wait and see if there is another terror attack and see what happens." Now I must say that I agree with him completely on both points; Muslims, who are in all actuality now oppressed in America, on occasion exaggerate some things (this does not mean that our feeling of being targeted are not real because they are) and I also believe that another terrorist attack will be used as a pretext for the right-wing nuts in Congress and in the Justice Department to pass the draconian legislation cooked up by their think tanks and being called for by the digital-brownshirts.

Where we differ is in that I feel that another terrorist attack will probably expose the ills of American society more than it will expose the ills of the Muslim community. Now let us take these facts into consideration; America has invaded a sovereign Muslim nation and killed at least 100,000 people, the US continues to be an enabler to the worst elements of Israeli society, the US is systematically attacking and oppressing the American-Muslim community, and the US is fighting any form of the Islamic movement anywhere in the Muslim ummah and yet since 9-11 there has not been a terrorist attack of any note on American soil. Is this because of aggressive law-enforcement? The facts say otherwise. The facts show that law-enforcement has not stopped a single act of significant terrorism since 9-11. Muslims who have been arrested are largely locked-up on trumped-up or bogus charges, and with the exception of Jose Padilla and the group in LA, have absolutely nothing to do with anything in the US. Now how one can indict the entire Muslim community based on the acts of a few is an indictment on the indicters.

It is time for certain people in law-enforcement, the Republican Party, and in the Goebellian right-wing media and think-tanks to realize that there is no terrorist threat in America from American-Muslims and of there was, as pissed off as Muslims are, they would have already blown some shit up. Now there may be a threat from some Muslims living abroad with ill-will towards America (because of our polices not our freedom) but that is hardly an excuse to investigate every Muslim you can find in the US.

The real threat in America is what it always has been and that is the White-Right. This is the White-Right that has brought us the terrorist act of the Civil War, Jim Crow, the KKK, the police and prison industrial complex, country music and the election of George W, Bush and a Republican congress.

Blogging is therapy, I write so I won’t go crazy with all the anger I have inside.

Looking for good news? Maybe we have gotten some in Algeria where President Abdelaziz Bouteflika has announced an amnesty for those involved in the fourteen year long civil-war which began after Algeria canceled elections that the Front for Islamic Salvation was poised to win at the behest of the US and France which led to a brutal civil-war that led to 150,000 deaths with atrocities committed both by Islamists and the French and US proxy-armies.