Inject spontaneous expression into NY Critical Mass. Avoid the rigidity and predictable modes that have crept into NY CM.
The ossification of the bike-traffic happening runs counter to the spirit of spontaneous expression and provides detractors with legit arguments. NY-CM evolved into a predictable ritual that started on the same location, rode around in mass while a core group vied for manipulation of aspects, performed the bike raise at the same location, and then fizzled into a scripted ending. NY-CM in effect has been hijacked by institutional actors and by a constrained narrative. CM has been captured in a dichotomy between times-up and the NYPD. In between are caught all the other riders who don't care for the drama of group dynamics or labeling. For many cyclists, it's pure and simple, "We Are Traffic". The ride is a needed instance of visibility, group safety and fun. The police are evil narrative is flat and disingenuous,, while at the same time the "procession" argument is discriminatory and exclusionary. CMers could just avoid the stupidity of the opposing game and just be "traffic", and let the ride or rides regain expressive autonomy. If the ride did not start as a bunch from Union Square, then it would avoid the magnets constructed by times-up and the NYPD. Manhattan is an island that is only about 2.5 miles wide, thus any group of riders produce a strong spatial statement, highlighted by the density of the setting.

My opinion:

Bring back distributed Xeroxracy.

Network, make friends and construct solidarity.,

Communicate constantly, effectively and loosely.

Start outside of the parameters, gauntlets and magnets.

Avoid the rigidity of formal organizations and stuffy arguments, they may be counter-productive.

Be spontaneous, do what you want.

Just flood the area with the beautiful site of cycles and have infinite fun.