Home Rule Protest Rally

at Mayor Bloomberg's Town House

17 East 79th Street (between Fifth & Madison Avenues)

This Saturday, October 1

12 Noon to 1:30 pm

Mayor Mike Bloomberg has FLIP-FLOPPED on the issue of "home rule" over our rent laws.

Until recently Bloomberg said he favored repeal of the state Urstadt Law and restoration of home rule powers over rent control and rent stabilization to the City Council and Mayor.

But he recently changed his tune: now he says that Albany should control the rent laws that impact 2.5 million households in New York City - one in three New Yorkers lives in a rent-regulated apartment.

Bloomberg now thinks it is fine for Joe Bruno and the Republican State Senators from upstate to dictate how much rent and eviction protection we can have.

Without restoration of home rule, the city will continue to lose tens of thousands of affordable rent-regulated apartments to decontrol in the coming years.

We need a Mayor who will fight for home rule. A Mayor who understands why it is essential to the future health of the city to reverse the phase-out of our rent and eviction protection laws - before it is too late!

Please join the Coalition for the Homeless, Met Council on Housing, Tenants & Neighbors, and many local organizations for a protest rally at Mayor Bloomberg's town house this coming Saturday, October 1, from 12 noon to 1:30 pm


In 1971, under Gov. Nelson Rockefeller, NYC's power to regulate rents and evictions was taken away and put in the hands of the state legislature, which has been weakening the rent laws in NYC and enriching landlords ever since. Under Albany's rule, NYC's chronic housing shortage has become an acute and worsening affordability and homeless crisis. Under current law thanks to the weakening amendments passed in Albany over the past 15 years, landlords are encouraged to evict existing tenants so they can reap huge vacancy increases, and apartments are being decontrolled in neighborhoods throughout the city. Meanwhile, the City Council is powerless to act, its hands tied by this Rockefeller legacy. Krueger's bill in the state senate and Assembly Member Vito Lopez' bill in the assembly - S.2735 (Krueger), A.4523 (Lopez) - which would restore New York City's ability to enact rent and eviction laws were introduced earlier this year.

With home rule restored, the New York City Council could, among other things:

•End vacancy increases and decontrol
•End abuse of increases for "capital improvements"
•Protect tenants paying "preferential rents" from drastic rent increases
•Protect tenants in buildings losing Mitchell-Lama or Section 8 subsidies