Sat., Oct. 1, 1:30 pm-midnight: WBAI Octoberfest
Featuring live music, poetry, authors, artists, comedians, a forum on media monopolies, and a raffle to benefit WBAI.

WBAI's first annual Octoberfest

Location: 140 Second Avenue (back room of East Village Ukrainian Restaurant)

Musicians Neil Mondesir, Eric Sommer and Bev Grant; Authors Ruth Lillian, Arlene Heyman, Don Pizzarello, Ralph Tyler, Louise Dente; the band Work for Higher and author and poet Louis Reyes Rivera are on hand y to delight the audience. Other performances include: Billionaires for Bush a comedy ensemble, Dante, the reggae band Mystery System and the Wonderland Orchestra



1:30-3:00 Forum: "Media Monopolies & Disappearing Content - Arun Gupta of The Indypendent (newspaper of the NYC Independent Media Center), Jeremy Scahill of Democracy Now!, Heather Cottin of Covert Action Magazine, Tiokasin Ghosthorse of WBAI's First Voices Indigenous Radio.

3:10-3:35 Neil Mondesir, Guitarist

3:40-4:10 Joy of Performing Ensemble, Theatre group

4:30-4:50 Arlene Heyman, Author

5:00-5:40 Eric Sommer (, national touring artist, excellent acoustic guitarist

5:40-6:00 Don Pizzarello, Author

6:00-6:20 Ralph Tyler, Author

6:25-7:00 "Work for Higher", Band

7:00-7:30 Louis Reyes Rivera, Poet & Author

7:35-8:00 Bev Grant with Robin Burdulis (group of 5, upbeat folk/politically concious music group),

8:00-8:45 Mahina Movement, Band

8:55-9:30 Dante,

9:40-10:15 Mystery System, EXCELLENT Reggae band led by Patrick Mystery,

10:25-11:00 Wonderland Orchestra,

11:00-11:10 Raffle Drawing, with standup

11:15-12:00 Billionaires for Bush (comedy ensemble),

Event Host: Matt McCarthy

Admission: $10.00