Critical Mass was lots of fun tonight...sort of. Yes there were arrests. 20-40 people is the estimate. The multiple meet up spots worked good. 150 people were at Union Square, 30 people in Washington Square and about 20 in Tompkins. The group at Washington Square was left alone and played a game of "Find the other rides," which made for a leisuely stroll reminiscent of the good ol days when critical mass wasn't considered a terroist threat. We linked up with the main ride going up Lafayette street. After some cheering our crys of joy were quickly drowned out by the sounds of a siren. An ambulance cruised up the street and the riders pulled to the side only to observe the rushed ambulance stop at Starbucks. The driver must have had a Latte attack, which proves the point that the police are willing to use emergency vehicle and fire trucks to prove we are a dangerous traffic menace. It is also important to note, we pulled over quickly. The ride got info to aviod 14th street so we stayed downtown and took a piece of the West Side Highway for old time sakes. Then we heard the police found us and sure enough showed up at Bleeker with a squadron of scooters and police vans. A few more arrests were made. Using technology helped a lot but there were still arrests. Having multiple meet up spots worked well and people were real good about communicating information to the front and back of the ride. We still kicked ass. Still we ride. Next ride is Oct 28th which will no doubt be Halloween themed dress up ride. Support Brooklyn Critical Mass and keep riding. More updates to follow. Please send me pictures.