Last night I was at "The Rub"-where everybody said hoooo when Kanye West would break into the mix with "George Bush Doesn't Care about Black People." What a rockin dance party that is. This afternoon, my favorite WFMU deejay sent me this music video link.
Here are the lyrics, as brought to you from Temple of Me.
This morning in the laundro-mat in my neigborhood in Brooklyn, we had a discussion about Bush and his incompetence because one of the washers was wearing the homeland security t-shirt he'd brought back from last week's DC march. Then, on the TV, it was Gil Noble's "Like It Is," which this week featured lengthy clips from Amy Goodman and Malik Rahim in New Orleans on Democracy Now.
"Look, there's Amy!" the man in the t-shirt said, pointing at the TV, as Goodman confronted National Guard members about the two-weeks neglected corpse that Rahim alerted her to.
I'm not that into hero-worship, but I love the way Amy Goodman has come to be a representative for all of us who want to see someone take "exception to the rulers." go, Amy go.
That's a hopeful start to the day. And now off to a chili-pepper festival in Prospect Park.