By Warcry

The FBI scares the public by framing the threat as one coming from activists instead of coming from global warming, and earth destructive corporations. It is dangerous to adopt the rhetoric of the FBI, as Kelly Hearn of Alternet.org and other "progressive" media types seem to. The label “eco-terrorist” was originally coined by timber industry public relations firms, & quickly adopted by law enforcement and mainstream media. However, when progressive journalists uncritically adopt and use terms such as “eco-terrorist” and “extremists” they are not being accurate. You are only legitimizing the FBI’s point of view.

Eco-activist, Jeff Free Luers is serving a 22 year 8 month sentence (twice the sentence received by the Abu Grahib sadists) for burning 3 SUV’s at a deserted dealership in Oregon (not California). He once said, the “REAL eco-terrorists, are the ones terrorizing our eco-systems”. The terrorists are arguably companies such as Weyerhauser, Monsanto, Union Carbide and Halliburton, who have had an enormous destructive impact on both the natural world, and on human health. As Utah Philips said, these people “have names and addresses.”

The FBI’s attitude towards Greenpeace reveals that one does not have to break the law to become a target or be treated as a terrorist threat. The FBI put the ELF/ALF (who have never targeted or threatened life) in the same category as the KKK, which has terrorized, burned and lynched 100’s of black people.

Forms of dissent which cannot be easily controlled and safely neutralized like marching, voting, lobbying, letter writing, etc. are defined as “terrorism.” However, property destruction has been a part of American dissent since the Boston Tea Party. While some re-arrange the deck chairs on the Titanic, the real life icebergs are melting from climate change. Jeff Free Luers, wants us to turn the ship around. With a corporate media blackout on environmental issues (as they sell millions of SUV’s) it becomes necessary to get the truth out through other means.

Recently CNN wanted to interview Jeff, but was denied access by the prison he is in. Why? Because Jeff is a well spoken, convincing, intelligent and passionate person, whose words and deeds have a power to inspire those who feel like this is a sinking ship. America is collectively asleep at the wheel of its gas/blood guzzling SUV's on collision course with a disaster that will make the flood in New Orleans look tame.

PLEASE SEE Jeff’s website to support his appeal, and read his brilliant essays.to support his appeal, and read his brilliant essays and poems and see his artwork. LEGAL SUPPORT/FUNDS ARE BADLY NEEDED to fight this political repression. Thank you.