News Release
September 29, 2005

For Reference: Berna Ellorin, NY Committee for Human Rights in the
Philippines, Email: nychrp @

Indignation for Slain Filipino Union Leader Sparks Local Boycott
Campaign of Nestle Products

New York/New Jersey-- Human rights advocates in the Filipino community
are urging consumers to boycott Nestle products in response to the
brutal killing of Nestle Union President Diosdado Fortuna on September
22, 2005, one day after the 33rd anniversary of Martial Law in the
Philippines. Fortuna had been leading an over 3 year strike in front of
the Nestle Plant in Cabuyao, Laguna, south of Manila.

The New York Committee for Human Rights in the Philippines (NYCHRP), an
organization of Filipino human rights advocates based in the New York
area, have signified their local initiative to bring the campaign to
more Filipinos and allies in the tri-state area.

Fortuna, who was shot near the Sagara factory in Laguna, suffered 2
gunshot wounds to the chest.He was pronounced dead upon arrival at
Calamba Provincial Hospital. Various human rights advocates, labor, and
cause-oriented groups stand firm that the killing was
politically-motivated, and in line with the undeclared martial law
creeping under the Arroyo administration and the international
exploitative tactics of the Swiss-owned Nestle Corporation.

"The truth is the Nestle-hired goons and state forces under Arroyo have
been inflicting terror and bloodshed upon the striking workers in
Laguna for three years and eight months now. This is the latest and
most gruesome blow from the corporate and military forces," states Dr.
Robyn Rodriguez, a Filipina professor at Rutgers University and member

Rodriguez explained that the scores of Filipino workers on strike in
Laguna are in an ongoing battle for recognition of their retirement
benefits as part of the Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA) with
Nestle. The Supreme Court even ruled for the inclusion of workers'
retirement benefits as part of the CBA. But upon expiration of the CBA
in 2001, Nestle refused to negotiate further with the workers unless
the retirement benefits were excluded from the agreement. The workers
have been on strike since 2002.

"Along the way the most horrific human rights violations have been
committed in order to quell the workers by both Nestle and the Arroyo's
command of the military," Rodriguez continued.
She also pointed the consistency of Nestle's repression of its workers
around the globe as just weeks before the Fortuna murder, Nestle
employee and union leader Luciano Enrique Romero Molina was found
murdered in Las Palmas, Colombia.

NYCHRP vowed to advance the call for boycott in the local New York and
New Jersey areas. Plans for community screenings of "There's Blood in Your Coffee" the
video documentary on the Nestle strike in Laguna are underway.

For more information on the Boycott Nestle campaign, or if you would
like to form a campaign organizing committee in you local area, email
NYCHRP at nychrp @