Millions Join National Strike in India to Protest Privatization Plans
with Girish Srinivasan, Research Unit for Political Economy (RUPE)

Indian trade unions went on strike across India firing a political salvo that
could reshuffle the pace and sequence of India's economic changes. But,
the question is can they derail a growing political consensus on privatization.
Killing of Nestle Philippines Union Leader Draws Worldwide
with Elmer Labong, Head of Kilusang Mayo Uno Labor Federation (KMU)

Diosdado "La Fort" Fortuna, President of the United Filipino Workers Union,
the workers' Union of Nestle, was shot dead on Sept. 22 by unidentified assailants.
Fortuna's murder is the most recent in a series of politically motivated killings.
The Philippines is in a state of undeclared marshal law, with members of
progressive people's organizations being targets of state terrorism.
Venezuela Alleges U.N. "Peace Commission' is a Weapon to Rob Self-
Determination of Autonomous States
with Fermin Toro Jimenez, Venezuela's Ambassador to the United Nations

Ambassado Jimenez warns that the restructuring of the U.N. and the institution
of an alleged "peace commission" is a covert effort to subvert and destroy
self-determination of coungtries who oppose U.S. world policy.
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