New, Creative not-for-profit Speaker's Bureau for community leaders like yourself

[excerpt] not-for-profit Speaker's Bureau for
volunteers, community, grassroots leaders and feminist activists. By listing
yourself in our Speaker's Bureau, people who want to contact you to be a
keynote speaker or a workshop speaker can get in touch with you
directly (at no fee or charge to you). Or (if you want to reduce the
amount of emails you receive) volunteers for the Speaker's Bureau can
screen people before they contact you.

Here is link ( )to our
website to give you an idea of what our website will look like (it is
still under construction). To contact us please use the 'contact'
links on our website. We are working to create a speaker's bureau of
the people, by the people and for everyday people who are working
to create a better world. We do not list politicians or speakers who
hold administrative employee positions in multinationational
corporations or government agencies.

Please get in contact with us if you're interested. Keep
working for a better world!

Love for the people,

Main website:

We encourage all people worldwide to contact us. Here are
a few of the topics we cover:

(listed in Alphabetical order) Animal Activism -Alliances,
Events, Conferences, Networking --Bicycle Activism and Alternatives to
Automobiles And Oil Dependence -Capitalism and Revolution -Cohousing,
Ecovillages and Intentional Communities -Computer, Digital And Internet
Activism -Environmental Justice -Feminism, Fair Trade -Human Rights -Global
Economy And Globalization -Health Care for All -Identity: Class, Culture,
Gender, Race & More -Social Change Through the Arts, Music and Entertainment
-Independent Media: Blogs, Film, Podcast, Zines And More -Socially
Responsible Investing -Stop War in Iraq -Tent City And Tent State University
Movements -Trainings -Youth Activism And More.

Thanks to everyone, everywhere.