This post is to introduce a new political movement called, The Jewish Left-Wing Community.

We are a network of politically left-wing Jews living all over world.

We were formed from members of the English-speaking community in Israel. The movement was set-up in responce to the rise in popularity of far-right political organisations within Israel and worldwide Jewish Communities.

The movement does not have one specfic ideology but our members include, Marxists, Anarchists, Social Democrats, Enviromentalists and Animal Rights Activists. The group does not have a membership policy but is a network of activists. The main reason for this is that we do not want to interfere with the work of other groups whom we support that are doing very good work. Rather we want to work with them and help to build support for their groups.

Altogether, the movment has four general goals:

1. To support and build support for the Peace movement in Israel and campaign against the occupation.
2. To campaign against the Neo-Con and Free-Market policies of the current Israeli government.
3. To raise support for Left-Wing politics within the Diaspora Jewish Communities.
4. To defend Jewish Communities from Anti-Semitism and to fight against all forms of fascism.

Are website is at the address

If you to email us, you can at