"In the Southwest Pacific, the Cargo Cults believed that manufactured western goods ('cargo') were created by ancestral spirits and intended for Melanesian people. White people, however, had unfairly gained control of these objects. Cargo cults thus focused on purifying their communities of what they perceived as 'white' influences by conducting rituals similar to the white behavior they had observed, presuming that this activity would make cargo come.The most famous examples of this behavior are airstrips, airports, and radios made out of coconuts, straw, and other jungle materials that were built in the belief that transport planes full of cargo would land on them if they were built." - Wikipedia

The Madagascar Institute organized a cargo cult ritual on Sunday, October 2. Starting under the Tram in Manhattan, the group moved to Roosevelt Island by subway after the police shut down the Tram. Moving north, there were distractions of vodka jello, cookies, and requests for sacrificial blood as the enthusiastic group headed for the landing strip. Collecting crosses on the rout, a landing strip was made by the light house. Eric Frum made a dramatic appearance, promising cargo and scattering candy. When cargo did arrive, it failed to land on the landing strip and flew across the east river. Enraged, the crowd sacrificed a virgin in the hopes of enticing the cargo back.

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