Short term memory is a bitch huh? Well people, what have we learned? What I’ve learned about Evil is that its true meaning and actions are happening right in front of our faces. Evil was the constant term used as the backdrop of smoldering buildings and bodies of everyday people who just went to work and ended up dead. 9/11, a tragic event, though not the worst day of our history, was a day that affects many people differently.

For me, I fortunately didn’t lose anyone; however my aunt did work there. In 1975, my parents were married there. That was in the early years when the city of New York rented offices out to the city hall. The funniest thing is that my father’s birthday is on September 11th. For anyone who was born on that date, your birthday in American history will be synonymous with a day that our government showed their true colors. After seeing another instance of our government handling a disaster turn into a debacle during Katrina, the similarities are too great. However we’ll get to that in a sec.

Evil. Mr. Bush used that word to compare not only the folk that did this act of violence on Americans, but decided to label EVERYONE who didn’t agree with his administration’s stance as Evil. However, evil is a component of everyone that runs through our veins on a constant basis, way before 9/11. Not intentionally, but subconsciously.

That morning of 9/11 I was hung-over and late to class, while my fiancée was off that day from work and school and slept in. I didn’t realize my selfish, aloof, and naïve perception of life was about to come to an end. My metamorphosis to becoming a more self-aware and loving person, and being concerned with our global policies, happened that day.

Keep in mind as I write this my eyes are filled with tears that overwhelming drench my cheeks and shirt. Why? In the last four years my life has changed for the better. I have an AS Degree in Natural Health Science and decided to pursue my career in Massage Therapy. After kicking around majors for the last ten years, I’ve finally decided to pursue Philosophy with a minor in Political Science. I’ll hopefully finish my Bachelors in 2007, with the hopes of attending Law School and working abroad. I’ve had some great eye opening experiences that have shaped my life, which you can read more at

However what’s also contributing to my somber mood while I write this is that exactly a week ago I miscarried, during the first ten weeks of my pregnancy. I would have never thought this was going to happen to me, but it did and I have to eventually get through.

Writing is actually helping me get through this difficult period in my life. Anyways, getting back to the issue at hand, has the U.S. learned anything?

I don’t think so, actually fuck no! And I don’t think we ever will. Not after witnessing the last month my supposed government, who works for me, just let their own citizens die on live T.V.

I really thought four years since 9-11 would have made us on-point when dealing with emergencies. We were supposed to see during Katrina and Rita, with the implementation of Homeland Security, that things were going to run in tip top shape. Yeah right. I thought we were to never fail our neighbors, friends, family, and constituents, and embrace everyone with the true love of humanity. With the stars and stripes wrapped around our eyes and mouth, those words uttering from the supposed God-fearing community and the pack that runs with Bush and Co. Oh wait, no.

It’s about assassinating foreign leaders for their resources so we don’t stretch our military anymore than needed. And you call yourself a Christian… You love God, Pat Robertson?

I love this one. Maybe we should have been aborting every Black baby, so we could reduce the crime rate in the country. Some of the residents of Louisiana, Mississippi, and Alabama sure could have used that advice prior to those storms so they wouldn’t have had to worry about dragging their children through sewage and dead bodies, and enduring no water or food for a week. Thanks for tip, Mr. Bill Bennett!

On September 12th, 2001 Americans transformed back to the ignorant and self-centered people prior to 9/11. I know we aren’t that stupid!

Was that really a plane that hit the Pentagon? What happened on Flight 93? Why didn’t the firefighters have proper equipment in the buildings? We’ll never know, because all the questions that should have been asked during that puppet show called the 9-11 Commission hearings were missed. Instead, it was a mockery and a waste of tax payer money…AGAIN.

We are detached from reality and the proof is all over the place, just look at our television programming. We tend to forget that suffering and misery has been around for ages and will continue at a faster rate than ever until the human race is completely wiped out or we get our shit straight.

One of the biggest questions is where is our opposition leadership during these turbulent times? Wait, there were the Democrats but they were to busy being soft on defense, such as most of them voting for the war and every budget increase the administration has requested since 9/11. They were too busy defending the freedoms of our enemies in this country by passing the Patriot Act and its subsequent revisions. Luckily we had a vast Republican majority in the legislature and executive branches to protect us from un-American people like Max Cleland who had the gall to get out of his Vietnam duty by injuring his legs and arm.

The two-faced policies from Capital Hill and the White House concerning our relationships over the years with countries such as Iraq during the 80’s, up to Bush hosting representatives from the Taliban mere months before 9/11 to try and get an agreement on an overland oil pipeline in Afghanistan, have created untenable situations for people in countries that badly could have used our help over the years.

It has led to nations such as Haiti, Sudan, Colombia, Congo, and Saudi Arabia continuing to kill, terrorize, slaughter, and oppress their own every single day while their leaders say they are doing legitimate business. They will engage in photo-ops and footsy politics to remain in control as long as they can. Until the next up and coming, calculated and greedy sick fucks get in to power, or they will just kill their opponents and eventually head into exile for not agreeing with the policies of other voices in their countries. This continuous cycle of world domination at all levels has come to a point that the global community cannot tolerate.

Maybe 9/11 was a good thing for me; because that was the day I decided to join the rest of the world and try to understand what others have been experiencing. It’s an unfortunate thing that it took such a horrible event for me to have an epiphany, however better late than never. My question is, are you all ready to end the cycle of death, and profit for the elite? Is there such a true thing as a fundamental grassroots change for our planet?

Well, the ones we all know, whom capitalize on constant instability in the world won’t let that happen at all cost. There has been a lot of talk by various peace groups through the years about changing how things are, but little has been effectively done. Most of the numbers of people involved in these groups use dire situations around the globe to posture and grandstand, while doing nothing physical and direct to alleviate problems. As long as the people in power have all the angles figured out, the currency, clout, and whatever else they use to get what they want, things won’t change. The global community wants change on every issue from pollution, global warming, war, crime, civil liberties, stifling of free speech, or just plain old FREEDOM. It’s going to take more than rallies, and signs. We are in a whole new ball game if fundamental change is what you want. You are going to have to get off the couch and stop thinking you can’t change anything.

So what do rational folk around the world, no matter what culture or belief, do to take back their nations for themselves from oppressive, tyrannical regimes that many have lost their lives too trying to change? What do regular people do that just plain old try to get through their lives and still they die in the process? I don’t know. It’s up to you, to decide what you can do to change a little aspect of your own country.

As for America what will it take for us to realize that we’re running on empty on a lost highway blindfolded through our problems regarding our borders, the food we eat, relationships, or just the lack of respect for one another? I know what I’ve done to do my part to see a better world. I love my country more than anything.

I just hope that I won’t be writing one of these again in another four years from now, of how it could of or should have been. Or does it have to take another tragedy or something even worst? If that’s that case…may whatever you worship have mercy on your soul for allowing, and using the excuse of being a bystander for such thing to happen. As for myself and those who don’t believe in any religion, I hope it doesn’t hurt.