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Special Programming : The Politics of Iraq: Occupation, War and the Refusal to Withdraw.

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In this hour, we’ll hear the highlights of Mr.Galloway's trip to Washington. We'll listen to his fiery speeches and his debate with Christopher Hitchens. Later on, we’ll be joined live by Mr. Galloway, who is now back on his home turf! And, we also bring you a two hour special on Iraq as the pro-war and anti-war sides square off .

Anti-war British MP George Galloway Addresses DC Rally
TAPE: Speech of George Galloway

Mr. Galloway is Back Home
GUEST: Anti-war British MP George Galloway.

Special Programming : The Politics of Iraq: Occupation, War and the Refusal to Withdraw

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Recently, the AFL-CIO held its convention during which a split occurred and a number of unions formed the so-called Change to Win coalition. Well this new union collaboration held its first convention this past weekend. We’ll get a report from the convention. We’ll also talk with media critic Norman Soloman about how the war and occupation of Iraq continues to be sold to the general public and we’ll take on the EPA over its cozy relationship with the FORD motor company in NJ. Over the last decades, Ford has knowingly dumped enough toxic waste throughout northern NJ, where a Native American community living in Ringwood is hit the hardest. This community is losing many relatives to unusual cancers; there is little doubt that this is a case of environmental racism.

Post Union Split: Change To Win Hold Convention
GUEST:Roberta Wood, Reporter for People’s Weekly World. http://www.pww.org/article/articleview/7801/1/288

Iraq: A War Made Easy
GUEST: Norman Solomon, Author: War Made Easy: How Presidents and Pundits Keep Spinning Us to Death & Founder and Executive Director of the Institute for Public Accuracy.

Why is the EPA Letting Ford Off so Easy in NJ?
REPORTER: Ruth Neustadter.
GUEST: Bradley Campbell, Head of the DEP, The Department of Environmental Protection in NJ.
GUEST: Jeff Tittel; Executive Director of The Sierra Club of NJ.

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