Trojan Horses
or Why the Unanimity of Both Parties On the Supreme
Court Candidates Shows the Failure of our Political
John M. Kelley

The Country seems to letting out a collective sigh of
relief over the prospect of John Roberts and now
Harriet Mier being nominated for the Supreme Court
without appreciable opposition. Democrats were
positively giddy at the prospect of having the
religious right gnashing their teeth over the lack of
an obvious Scalia clone nominee in Mier.

While it is refreshing to see the right wing now
wanting to ask those nasty questions about what the
ideology of the candidate is, don’t be fooled, this is
anything but good news for America. It seems to go
unrecognized that with the confirmation of these two
nominees an agenda of total corporate control will be
complete. These two represent the merger of the
corporation and the state, the definition of fascism
and the revelation of the true neo con agenda.

First on social issues, there is far from a guarantee
that either will be moderate in their views of women’s
choice or other issues. Both have directly or
indirectly (Roberts through his wife) been affiliated
with anti abortion groups. Over looked in Mier’s
acceptance speech, was her statement that she would
defend religious freedom, as if it were religious
freedom not secular freedom that was under attack.
The truth is it is difficult to believe that both of
these candidates haven’t been thoroughly vetted as to
their positions on the culture wars. While real
values are of little concern to the neo cons, they do
have to feed red meat to the brown shirt monster they
created to keep it from turning on them.

The Chief Justice and the candidate’s real appeal to
the neo cons and the Democratic Leadership is twofold:
1) Their lack of a record to object to and; 2) their
pro-corporate/pro-executive authority stands.
Republicans put their fingers to their lips and say
shh… just trust us, these are our wolves in sheep’s
clothing. Right wing demagogue, James Dobson has said
he is reassured by information he can’t reveal from
the administration. Even if they are not the
reactionaries on social issues that I suspect, the
culture wars have never been any more then a way to
divide working people and garner votes for themselves
anyway. Lip service is the stock in trade here.

The neo con’s real goal is the authoritarian corporate
state. These goals are clearly and highly supported
by both the Chief Justice and the candidate. Each has
indicated an overwhelming favoritism towards
corporations over the welfare and needs of the
citizenry and now they will be in a position to
enshrine the radical business cartel ideology over
political decisions in the essence of the law of the
land for the foreseeable future. In addition both
candidates show a consistent record of giving the
government, especially the executive branch total
discretion over the republic and a willingness to
discard human and civil rights when they are

The big revealed hypocrisy and prostitution however,
is that of the Democratic Leadership who is completely
willing to participate in this fraud on the American
People. The anti-worker / anti-civil rights stands of
both the Chief Justice and Candidate Miers are
abundantly clear and are being totally ignored as even
an issue for discussion by the Democratic leadership.
They are eager to embrace a candidate that they can
claim ignorance about rather than stand up and fight
in a filibuster fight when they feel the Republicans
are losing ground across the board. More committed to
corporate campaign contributors then to women,
minorities or workers, they are content to avoid a
fight which they feel would leave them labeled
obstructionist and eager to claim some easy victory
out of the Republicans self imposed deficiencies in
governing. Consequently they are rolling over like
lapdogs to have their corporate contributors scratch
their bellies. They have sold out completely on
protecting worker rights and citizen protections from
oppressive government. They are part of the problem.

We will now have a five-four court that will not only
rule in favor the religious right’s desired agenda,
but just as if not more importantly they, like both
party’s leaderships will favor the concentration ,
institutionalization and oppressive use of power on
the non-elite parts of society or in other words the
other 80% of us that have lost our voice in the
governing of this country. The reason I say maybe
even more importantly, is because they will undermine
the ability of citizens of any group to seek and
receive a redress of grievances from the government by
undermining civil and criminal recourses for the weak
against the strong. The total economic and social
abandonment of the working class will not be far

The Democrats may be able to later claim ignorance on
any theocratic issues these stealth candidates vote to
cement into the American political landscape, but they
can’t claim any surprise over their attitudes towards
working people or civil rights. That’s just a scam
perpetrated on the American people by what has become
the other corporate party of America.

John M. Kelley is a teacher, philosopher, writer,
artist, political activist, singer of ballads,
rebellious Irishman and agent for change who worries
daily about the world he is leaving for his
grandchildren. His blog is at