Overturning Roe v Wade Grounds for Civil War.

Lloyd Hart

If the illegitimately elected president of United States stacks the Supreme Court with illegitimately appointed political hacks who then overturn Roe v. Wade doing away with a woman's freedom and right to choose, removing a woman's right to the sovereign control of her own body and therefore her own destiny, fundamentally reducing a woman's role in our society back to the status of chattel I will have no choice but to exercise my constitutional right to arm myself and declare a civil war in order to defend my wife, daughter and granddaughter from what is so obviously a tyrannical and lawless government.

Removing a woman's sovereign right to control her body and therefore her own destiny is absolutely on par with the practice of slavery in the United States that brought on the first American Civil War. Is absolutely on par with the removal of the Native American Rights of freedom of movement that led to the defeat of U.S. forces and the Battle of Little Bighorn.

No longer can I stand by and watch as this terrible assault on human-rights perpetrated by the lawless Bush regime continues. Now everyone will know what it will take for me to take up arms against this lawless gang of thugs in the White House. Sure there are plenty of crimes we can put them behind bars for right now but there is absolutely no political will in the ruling class in America to allow the information to flow to the public that would free the political forces in America to bring justice to these criminals. The ruling class have taken complete control of the ballot box and are rigging elections. The corporate media are lying to the public by omission and won't even address the facts that clearly point out the illegitimacy of the 2000, 2002 and 2004 elections. With the ruling elite spending the last 25 years radically increasing the cost of real estate and rents, radically increasing the cost of energy, home and transportation fuel for the sole purpose of squeezing us to maintain grotesque profits for their grotesque lifestyles what little economic democracy there was in America is gone.

When this political hack Harriet Miers is confirmed by the U.S. Senate and when she is sworn in as a associate justice to the Supreme Court, it is only a matter of time before Roe v Wade will be overturned. I will not be able to look my wife, daughter and granddaughter in the face without walking out the door and entering in open warfare with a criminal regime. It does however not require that you have women in your life in order to fight for women's rights it simply requires understanding the rule of law against the U.S. Constitution. "All "MEN" are created equal" and so too are WO"MEN" to men and vice versa. If you believe otherwise you are fostering a criminal mind and are my sworn enemy. And if you succeed in turning the very foundations of the institutions of the government of the United States against the women in my family I will have no choice but hunt you down, bring you to trial, jail you and if you will not surrender to the rule of law under the Constitution of the United States of America you will give me no choice but to kill you.

You have the right to choose the course you will take and I advise you to choose wisely for there are a great deal more people that think like me then there are people that think like you.