A subway rider was asked by NYPD to exit the train for a bag search on the F Train this morning at around 9:30 am.

The train was Queens-bound and was being held in the station at Broadway-Lafayette. Two NYPD officers came to the front of the train, presumably to talk with the train operator. One of the officers, a short woman with a long ponytail, then entered the first door and began looking around the train car. Then, presumably at random, she eyed one rider up and down and asked to search his bag and motioned him off the train. The rider, a caucasian male with brown hair and a beard who looked to be in his twenties, complied with the officer's request and steped of the train. The doors closed and the train continued on.

Several riders looked on in amazement. "I ride the train with that guy all the time...that's totally illegal," one rider commented. "Welcome to the police state" commented another.