Issue #77: A Resurgent Antiwar Movement Hits the Streets The new issue of The Indypendent is out with a focus on the resurgent antiwar movement. We also have articles on Copwatch, the growing popularity of biodiesel, the struggle of the New Orleans diaspora to return home, the latest U.S. machinations in Haiti, reviews of the Latinbeat film festival, Otis Taylor’s latest album and much, much more.
“Antiwar Movement Looks For Winning Strategy” by A.K. Gupta ||

“Antiwar Alphabet Soup” by John Tarleton ||

“The U.S. Is The Problem, Not The Solution” by A.K. Gupta ||

“Breaking The Bank” by Leijia Hanrahan ||

“Stranded: Katrina Victims Stuck in Dangerous Shelters” by Jordan Flaherty ||

“Getting Home Before It’s Gone” by By T. Soundararajan Anita Johnson, and Jeff Chang ||

“Watch for Criminals, Watch for Cops” by Jay Bachhuber ||

“Walkout: Bronx High School Students Protest Draconian Security” by Daniel Tasripin ||

“Big Organic Goes Synthetic” by F. Timothy Martin ||

“French Fry Fuel: Biodiesel Blend Provides Energy Alternatives” by Rahul Chadha ||

“U.S. Pushes Sham Election in Haiti” by Marjorie Cohn ||

“Theater Of War” by Rachel Breitman ||

“A Knock At The Door” by Donald Paneth ||

“A Rare Look Inside North Korea” by Diane Mason ||

“Latinbeat 2005: High Impact Cinema” by Diane Mason ||

“The G-String: Sex And The CDC” by Amy Wolf ||

“The A-String: Blues Folk Resist Oppression's Yoke” by Steven Wishnia || The Indypendent holds open weekly meetings at its office on 34 E. 29th St., 2nd Floor. To find out more about how to get involved, email or call 212-684-8112. Next Issue: October 18