I had a feeling that this would happen. Since the ACLU has publicly pronounced that California cops were using their Tasers to quell belligerent individuals’ inappropriately, it was just a matter of time before Taser sent their spokesman Steve Tuttle out the front door again. Seems that Taser and the Smith family is about to take a step back from all the users of its products.
In the prepared statement, Steve Tuttle put forth the following: "The ACLU is correct in that good policies and training go hand-in-hand, but it is properly the responsibility of each agency to set their own policy based upon the totality of the circumstances, for any use of force, including Taser device employment,"
”It's Each Agency's Responsibility To Set Its Own Policy” regarding Taser deployment

The ACLU’s 25-page report accuses the company of negligence in providing Taser guns and information regarding the guns to California's law enforcement agencies. To that Mr. Tuttle responded with: "If citizens take a look at an officer's duty belt, which includes firearms, batons, chemical sprays ... they will clearly see that Taser technology is a more humane and safer alternative for use-of-force options."

If one reads between the lines, you would see that an effort is in the works to distance themselves from current and future litigation by stating for the record that they are not the persons pulling the trigger. Looking to shed the blame for wrongful death litigations, Tuttle has said that it’s the cops fault and not ours. This recent turn of events has angered police professional who were trained by Taser Master Instructors to become operators and instructors themselves. It has been well documented that these traveling factory instructors expressed, suggested and implied that Tasers were best if used in situations where Pepper Spray might also be appropriate.

A few years ago, Taser sent a letter to all of its registered certified instructors stating that if anyone was found to be deviating from the authorized instructional curriculum; their contractual employment would be terminated. In early 2001, several investigative reporters issued stories detailing the relationships of these contractual factory instructors with Taser. Detailed were how generous travel expense reimbursements and teaching per Diem paid by Taser to active cops who would teach for them. Taser’s policy has always been to use cops as instructors. Several of these cops who work in less affluent regions can and have made half again as much money teaching for Taser as they did in their department’s salary. In one well known instance, a Lieutenant with a northeast department had a company credit card issued to him for his use when teaching out of state.

Taser International, the only manufacturer of Taser stun guns, has historically refuted claims that their Taser weapons can cause heart damage and could be especially dangerous to people under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Medical Examiners have recently coined the phrase “excited delirium“as an option when declaring a cause of death. Taser’s Medical Director, Dr. Stratbucker has been quotes as saying that electricity leaves no telltale marks in the body.