At around 2pm today, Philadelphia's beloved infoshop, Wooden Shoe Books and Records - a 29-year fixture of the Philly radical community - was relieved of the entire cash contents of the register, about $265, by a gun toting man identifying himself as a crack addict. One staffer and one customer were ordered into the back courtyard during the robbery; both were unharmed.* We lost $265 at a time when we are struggling to remain economically viable. If you are able, we ask you to please to do any or all of the following:

-donate to the Shoe
-shop at the Shoe! we have a wide variety of amazing radical books, records, CDs, magazines, newspapers, t-shirts, posters, stickers, patches, pins, Zapatista coffee, useful handcrafts by local artists, etc. as well as a large and exciting free box!
-attend the benefit event we are already sketching out plans for to recoup our losses, details to be announced later

The Wooden Shoe is located at 508 S. 5th St. (between South and Lombard) and online at The Shoe is a not-for-profit, volunteer-run anarchist collective which has supported other groups in Philly like Books Through Bars and Food Not Bombs. In the spirit of mutual aid... please help us out if you can!!!

*The police were notified and furnished with a description of the robber, but it is very unlikely that A) he will be apprehended, B) he would still have the money on him and most importantly C) that the Wooden Shoe, an anarchist collective, would really choose to wield the punitive force of the state against a person suffering a terrible addiction. It is likely we will instead implement new preventative security measures.

in solidarity,
maus, ren, sam s, and dan
the wooden shoe collective