Con-Mans idea of a New Pair of Shoes!

Con-Mans idea of a New Pair of Shoes!

Obituary for the: UNITED STATES of America!

The Republic of the United States passed away on October 8th 2005
She was born on July 4th 1776 at the Continental Congress in Philadelphia.
At her birth: George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Benjamin Franklin and Alexander Hamilton were in attendance.
She had a long fruitful life of 200+ years.
She brought many healthy children into the world and helped many in their time of need.
In her time of strength she offered care for the sick, refuge for the weak and sustenance for the hungry.
She had been suffering from the disease called Greed, which she contracted on November 2, 2000.
She finally succumbed to that illness after suffering from the effects of GREED for five long years.
Foreign Diplomats paid their respects, eulogizing her past glory.
Emphasizing her mistakes and how to learn from them. Specifically:
By avoiding the pitfalls.
She leaves over 13% of her children living in poverty.
Her infrastructure is in ruin.
Her roads are crumbling.
Her Mass Transit Systems are in disrepair.
The long term effects of industrial pollution ravaged her body.
She was but a shadow of her true self.

The EPA announced that in 19 states of her states, it is now unsafe to eat any freshwater fish caught in her waters because of Mercury Poisoning!
Her air is polluted with massive amounts of Carbon Dioxide which has triggered an unprecedented acceleration in Global Warming.
Record Global temperatures!
Record Sea level rise as the Ice Caps melt even faster.
Warm Ocean Temperatures are spawning record amounts of giant hurricanes and tornadoes.
We are all suffering the consequences.

In the name of GREED:
Her children are being infected by an Asthma epidemic.
Thousands of children born each and every year are sentenced to a lifetime of gasping: for each and every breath they take!
Gasping for the Poisonously, Polluted, Dirty, Contaminated AIR that weakens them.

Clean air and pure water!
This should be their legacy!
Their Birthright!
But it has been stolen from them!
Politicians, Lobbyists and the Polluters they work for!
When the: Corporate Bottom line is more important than your health.
Everyone is in DANGER

In the name of GREED!
Oil Men are pillaging our country!
200+ Pollution laws have been rescinded since the Bush appointment.
Lobbyists run the E.P.A.
Polluters write Pollution Law!
Pharmaceutical companies run Medicare!
All the Checks and Balances are: OFF!
Corporate mercenaries have killed this great Lady!

In the name of GREED:
Acid Rain has sterilized one fifth of the lakes in the Adirondack Mountains.
In the name of GREED:
Acid rain has also destroyed the forest cover on the high peaks of the Appalachian Mountains.
This once Beautiful Woman’s body has been ravaged by the effects of Pollutants.
This GREEDY pack of Corporate Polluters pass off the cost of doing business on the future health and welfare of our children.
That is Corporate Welfare!
Greed is a disease of the worst sort.
It always attacks the weak and vulnerable.
It hides the truth behind a stone wall of secrecy, propaganda and a pack of lies.
They are Predators: who are feasting on the flesh of her children.
We are all being impoverished: by their disrespect for her laws and fragrant disregard for her life.

She also leaves a: Eight Trillion Dollar Debt!
Her wealth was squandered on: Obsolete Military Weapons, Tax-Brakes for the RICH, Corporate Welfare for lobbyists and a Fake War for the Military.
Her wealth and natural resources were all privatized by Government Officials and Lobbyists at the behest of their: Corporate Donors.
Her house lays in ruin.
Her Estate was badly mismanaged and is heavily mortgaged.
This once fine Lady was dragged thru the mud by a group of Vicious Corporate Parasites who sucked blood, right out of her.
It is hard for me to express my dismay at her condition.
The Disease GREED which caused her Death is in epidemic proportions through out her family.
Many Representatives of the Government are suffering from it, also.
She is deeply indebted to: CHINA, JAPAN and SAUDI ARABIA.
They financed her Military spending sprees and exasperated her severe addiction to oil.
These problems finally led to her downfall and destruction.
To all her Family and Friends I offer my sincere condolences.
May we all learn from her mistakes and avoid her fate.
Those who study history should learn from her mistakes
Be bound forever to:
Repeat them.
May she rest: