There was a fun after party at the new New York Bicycle Messenger Association hub at 49 East Houston St. Yesterday was Messenger Appreciation Day so the party was a chance for messengers to wind down after a drizzly day on the job and to show that the NYBMA is doing some good looking out. The NYBMA raised some funds. The messengers got beer at cheap prices, free tequilla shots and delicious pasta. DJ Nigel rocked the house with funk,soul and 80s classic. Ninja had his copy of bicycling magazine with the messenger photo spread, signed by all in the house. Judith at the bar. Uhhh did someone lock up to my bike, I gotta go.Then the party continued at the basement of Sine-E with some time's uppers. Looks like the central park moonlight ride got cancelled cause of rain. So we found a good thing to do with Halloween flyers... just one more, owwwowowowwww pretty colors. now that's art. Art by John of D.E.M.O. camera by drunken me.