Weve been told by reliable sources that orders from
the White House are in effect which call for the
assassination of anyone holding hard evidence against
the Bushys & Co. The recent attempts to brazenly
murder whistleblowers using both conventional and
electromagnetic methods -- are revealing just such an
agenda, aimed at permanently silencing those who dare
speak out.

Enough suspicious accidental deaths and so-called
suicides abound. The aggressive funding of
electro-magnetic/microwave/scalar weapons indicates
that their use will not be limited to just terrist -
but are already being used to cattle-prod the masses
and perpetrate evidence-less assassinations of
dissidents who have become problematic.

Herein is a list of 6 recent Assassination Attempts &
Death Threats Perpetrated by Black Ops on Dissidents,
that we personally know of: These are their stories.

Following months of harassment by the Bush
administration, that includes getting him fired from
his job at a think tank and attempting to strip him of
his membership in the Washington Press Club, the Bush
administration has stooped to new lows in trying to
make former National Security Agency employee Wayne
Madsen disappear. America has entered a dangerous new
age of the Neo-Con and new Nazi movement that thrives
on lies and propaganda from Fox News and right wing
talk show hosts. With Pat Robinson pushing for
assassination of foreign leaders are domestic internet
journalists next?

Insider Editor's Notes:
"Dear Readers:
At Wayne Madsen's request we are putting this message
to him from a source high in a United States
Intelligence agency. Wayne is now in hiding and on the
run after his source revealed that a private
contractor assassination team had been hired to take
him out due to his articles and exposures in
Insider-Magazine.com and WayneMadsenreport.com. We
will keep you informed and If the assassination teams
kill him then all the world will know where the orders
came from..."
dear john: You now have what was sent to me by someone
who has excellent bona fides. If anything happens to
me -- send this far and wide. I am leaving Washington
for a few days.---wm

Intelligence Source: We have reason to think that a
"project" will be undertaken against "someone"
considered problematic now...not next week but NOW.
That person is not specified but is in the US, in an
apartment setting and lives alone. It is a "he" and he
works via www. This information is specific to an
intent but not specific to a person. The source is
impeccable and you know my track record which have
parallel sourcing.

THE CALL FOR ASSASSINATION (slightly abridged):
The "project" will be assigned to "parallel
contractors" who will make any action appear random
and witnesses would suggest Middle Eastern in source.
Actions would be carried out in or near the home. We
do not hear things like this often (almost never) and
so far every warning of this type has been within 24
hours of action and these warnings have proven 100%
accurate in the past. Your recent work and profile
make us tell you this directly. Please respond with a
note that all is normal there. Please consider what
can be done while taking any measures you think
necessary to avoid this "project". We consider this
warning as coming with the highest level
"authenticity" and purity of motive, but the subject
and message subject and it's specifications were too
unusual to be sure of intent.

Tim's brilliant expose below is obviously one reason
they wish him dead. He has been targeted
electromagnetically for 10 years and has recently been
visited by the UK version of Men in Black who
attempted to assassinate him. Read the complete
article at the urls listed below
by Tim Rifat

Microwave weapons that turn people into stressed,
confused, submissive zombies are being used in inner
cities. Developed by the communists, microwave weapons
similar to microwave ovens have since the 1980s, been
targeted on inner city council estates. These weapons
transmit extremely low frequency (ELF) signals which
mimic natural brain waves; at the flick of a switch,
all the people around these microwave transmitters are
turned into submissive zombies who cannot think
clearly, become depressed, apathetic and want to
lounge around all day doing nothing: the inner city
malaise found on Britain's streets. With the advent of
new ELF detectors designed by the author's research
teams, the mass mind control of the metropolitan UK
population can be proved. ELF signals are officially
only found at nuclear submarine communication
stations, so the researchers were shocked to find
microwave and UHF, mind control signals in city
centres, the author's flat, being sent through mobile
phones, the BT telephones and from the numerous
transmitters that dot the country.

The massive increase in mobile phones has enabled the
Us & UK security forces to use this network of
transmitters to beam mind control signals into the
brains of anyone living near these transmitters.
Microwave phones use pulse modulated microwaves of the
correct intensity to pass through the skull into the
brain and control behaviour. Microwave transmitters
are therefore the perfect medium for the transmission
of ELF signals to mind control the UK population.

It is alleged that Marconi put this microwave
technology into full scale production, and around
thirty scientists and military personnel on the
project who began to ask questions committed `suicide'
under mysterious circumstances.
My research has found that microwave weapons are
targeted on middle class troublemakers and researchers
who cause problems for the establishment. Russian and
American research has found that pulse modulated
microwaves (as used for mobile phones) can, when
modulated with ELF which mimics specific brain
patterns change the behaviour of the victim at the
flick of a switch. Symptoms can be depression,
befuddled thinking, loss of memory, stress, not being
able to cope, manic behaviour, schizophrenia, nervous
breakdowns, physical collapse, brain and nervous
system damage, heart attacks, cancer...
Torture is alive and well in the UK & US. MI5, the
UK's secret police, regularly use Non-Lethal Weapons
on any dissidents. Since MI5 were instrumental in
bringing down the Labour Prime Minister Harold Wilson,
they naturally took to spying on, and discrediting,
any group or person who did not follow their rabid
right wing dogma.

Microwave weapons are impossible to detect unless you
have a detector, dissidents have no idea these weapons
exist, and best of all, they are totally deniable.
More to Read at:  http://www.whale.to/b/rifat.html


Full Account:

Electro Magnetic Weapons CAN/WILL WIPE OUT MANKIND...
that is... AFTER they covertly assassinate individual
dissidents... by sudden heart failure, "mysterious"
airplane and automobile crashes, choking, suicides and
a myriad of other types of "natural" deaths all of
which are occurring right NOW.

The following report is an accurate account of the
illegal, violent atrocities and numerous attempts to
murder me by what is now know to be the lack
opsf the corrupt U.S. Gestapo Government or
rganized crime This new American mafia
is condoned, supported and protected by local police,
federal law enforcement agencies and all levels of
government, including the very highest offices.

The Black Ops/U.S. Gestapo Government now has the
DISTANCE to incapacitate and kill them. They then set
the murder scene up to look like an accident.


And there is ZERO DOUBTthey have every
intention of using these EM weapons on us.
With the use of Microwave/Scalar EM Weapons aimed
directly at us, guns and conventional arsenals are
virtually obsolete. The following is a true and
accurate account of the assaults, attempts at murder
and obvious campaign of the United States Government
to destroy me psychologically, physiologically and
financially. But most importantly, this describes
TRUTHFULLY what the new weapons can do.
I have added the most recent incidents first. Most of
this information has already been posted publicly on
truedemocracy.net, Portland Indymedia.org and the
other Indymedias.

Electromagnetic Murders; An Assassins Dream

September 2005, India.
Microwave heat throughout my body especially my chest
and head. Constant cough. Blood vessels begin to break
in my eye. Notice I am being stalked.

Aug 15, 2005 Kathmandu, Nepal...
and the stalking has continued... no doubt the plan is
to have me 'disappear' en route somewhere or make me
ill. Something is sprayed onto me while I was walking
but most of it apparently missed me. I was told it was
one of their EM Cocktails
Coincidentally, right after the incident, Tim White
emailed me and asked me if I felt OK
Does it get any more obvious who the perps are?

Since my last post, the long murdering arm of black
ops in the U.S. has reached across the globe to
Dharamsala, India and began systematic 'electric
shocks' to my chest, along with their infamous
microwaving. This is done to induce a natural-looking
completely unnatural heart attack as many prominent
figures who oppose the new Fascist governments have

In early February 2005 ~ During my first experience of
electronically being LITERALLY CHOKED, the residents
in the house where I formerly lived were awakened in
the middle of the night by me gasping for air.
Electronically, they partially closed up my windpipe
so I could barely breathe and was on my way to choking
to death when they abruptly stopped it. This was done
as a threat after I tried to contact Ed Asner-
Truthout.org that same night to make public the
attempts of black ops agents to crash my car. Shortly
after this incident, even more attempts to knock me
off of the road were made.

February 7, 2005, a group of about 4 or 5 Black Ops
agents were waiting in the somewhat deserted back
parking lot of Saks Fifth Avenue in Palm Desert,
California and began surrounding me after I left the
store and walked towards my car. I had enough time to
run back into the store and call my friend who came
and rescued me. I was not able to go back home again
before I left the country except to get my clothes.
The reason that they tried to assault me or kidnap me
is because I had already begun making preparations to
leave the country which they were aware of because of
their illegal surveillance and this was to stop me
from leaving the country so they could get their legal
ducks in a row and arrest me on bogus credit card
fraud charges which I found out later. Seven days
later, on February 14, 2005, I managed to leave the
USA for good. One week later, they arrested 100,000
so-called felons(AKA dissidents) across the

May 6 2005 ~ Dharamsala, India, after telephoning
Arlene Johnson of  http://www.truedemocracy.net, I was
again abruptly woken up by 'something' closing up my
windpipe and literally choking me. This was an attempt
to threaten me a second time.

May 8 2005 ~ Dharamsala, India ~ The guesthouse
proprietors of where I am staying witnessed me
staggering out of my hotel room into the main lobby -
again gasping for breath and unable to breathe as
something was closing up my windpipe. This was all
done electronically -- in retaliation for trying to
contact Stephen DeVoy who they have already
eutralizedfor making his assaults

Winter 2005 ~ Palm Desert area, CA ~ Upon calling the
offices of JIMMY WALTER (the 'eccentric' millionaire
who aired commercials asking for the re-investigation
of 9/11), I was told that he was putting together more
commercials. Not more than 15 minutes after trying to
email my suggestion to Jimmy Walter's assistant in
Pacific Palisades, CA, a rough-looking agent in a
silvery-green Jaguar (obviously well-paid) license
plate #04WIR094 drove up and remained parked directly
across the street looking into my house.

I live on a dead end street in a more rural part of
the Palm Desert area of California. Because there is
nothing but sand opposite my property... and because
everyone is on a minimum of 3.5-acres, anyone parked
across the street is either a visitor of mine or is
looking to buy the empty lot. But no one can just sit
in their parked car staring into my house from across
the street... without being 'up to no good'. Sure
enough, I walked out of the house to see who was there
and the man in the Jaguar looked totally shocked and
then sped off. A few minutes later, he came back again
very, very slowly ... glaring at me, turned around at
the next house and drove back past me again in a very
threatening way. He did this 4 times until he noticed
I was writing his license plate down and he took off
like a bullet, for good. About 4 or 5 other vehicles
then also appeared and drove very, very slowly past me
. One was a maroon pick-up Truck, license plate
#GW97080 who gave me the finger. Another was an older
blue Ford (Escort, I believe) license plate #D1 SHARK
who started to drive straight towards me as if he was
going to run into me but I lurched behind my gate.

When I called Jimmy Walter to find out where I could
send information, he told me that he could only give
me his PO Box - not his physical address - as he had
been getting 'death threats'. These are the cars &
license plate numbers of those who have literally
tried to push me off the road by sideswiping me in
their campaign to electronically kill me and try to
make it look like a car accident starting from July
2004 to February 14th, 2005-- the day I left the USA.

These are all California plates: 4JJD727 Black car,
2FPK059 Gold older Volvo, 3DHG785 White car, 1052115
("City of Riverside" written on outside of Grey car),
4CL1362 white Honda Accord owned by a stout Hispanic

These are the names of BLACK OPS AGENTS: The first 3
Perps that I listed work together
1- JOHN MECCA at 119 Whittier Dr. Kings Park, NY 11754
(631) 360 1557 + (631) 360-1883 + (917) 428-2730. He
runs a bogus
WEBSITE: http://www.us-government-torture.com/KIT.html
EMAIL:  timetogo2@earthlink.net He claims loudly to be
a victim himself while threatening to go out and gun
the perps down. He uses his website to illicit trust
in people who are genuinely looking for help by
selling a so-called ammera
contraption which does work to neutralize some of the
uncomfortable electro magnetic waves. Within that
context he becomes trusted and easily manipulates
victims by feeding real information with
He works with a woman named,
2- DEBBIE LAMB has a strong Texan accent She too
claims to be victimized-- however she is a Black Ops
agent as well and works as John Mecca
Always on hand is Black Ops Chicago Attorney,
3- JOHN PHILLIPS 290 Streamwood Drive, Valparaiso,
Indiana 46383 (219) 462-1520 (312) 762-9212 & 762-9214
pretends that he is going to ight the
government. He advises people to hire expensive
investigators so they can drain their finances by
etting evidencealthough evidence abounds.
People believe they are protected when they speak
confidentially with an attorney and John Phillips is
used exactly for that purpose. To illicit confidential
information from trusting people so they can
ang themselves.
Known by many as a college professor at South Coast
College in Costa Mesa, CA,
4- JOANIE SALINGER, also claims to be victimized
ince childhood and plays the victim while she
passes disinformation. She too is a Black Ops agent.

View His Video:
Electronic murder assault target Jesus Mendoza of
Mission,Texas brought his case to the world's
attention two years ago on The Power Hour radio
broadcast. He has been under heavy electronic and
stalking attacks, particularly when he is at home, and
particularly when he is in the company of his
children. His children also suffer these attacks, even
when he tried commercial faraday cages
(electromagnetic shielding enclosures) around his
children in bed, furnished by a specialist in
electromagnetic hazards. (The cages didn't help.) His
case is also somewhat unique in that he has been able
to videotape both non-ionizing EM and ionizing (xrays,
gamma rays, radioactivity) radiation readings on his
several meters, and these readings tend to drop when
he switches on the camcorder. Some articles relating
to Jesus Mendoza's case are posted on:

As of September 24th, 2005, Jesus reported that he is
receiving death threats. No doubt this is in response
to the Video which exposes the torture he and his
family are enduring. His incoming and outgoing emails
are read and sabotaged -- especially when they are
from persons offering help or relevant information
which pertains his slow Electro magnetic murder. His
telephone calls too are under heavy surveillance and
are being controlled. All members of his family
including his children, wife and in-laws -- are
literally being electronically cooked o death. And
now, finding himself almost unable to breathe, and
with barely enough energy to function, Jesus is
bedridden much of the time. The blood seen in his eyes
indicate broken blood vessels. See description below.

"Heating the victim to death, by microwave cooking is
caused by increasing the field intensity of the
radiation, to cause local hot spots in the victims'
eyes and gall bladder, which have poor circulation, so
cannot carry away the heat.

Irradiating the optic nerve of the victim with the
same signal that is sent to the brain by this nerve,
causes the nerve tissue to overload. In this way,
subversives can be blinded by the intelligence
community without them knowing what has occurred." --
Tim Rifat

Please feel free to contact Jesus -- that is, if you
can get through on his telephone or email
Jesus Mendoza, 2202 E. 28th Mission, TX 78574, (956)
519-7140 Email:  jesusmm7@hotmail.com

RadioActivists Forum (edited)
I am much in need of legal help and support. The
background issues in my case involve targeting and
ongoing, ILLEGAL Mind control EM experimentation by
the CIA, COINTELPRO and U.S. Black Ops for which I
have quite a bit of evidence. Being very outspoken on
the internet, at least 5 attempts have been made on my
life (along with the perpetration of other kinds of

The police force in Lafayette, Louisiana -- the site
of the most recent murder attempt-- have ILLEGALLY
ATTEMPTED MURDER perpetrated on me, in an effort to
COVER-UP the obvious purposeful intent of our U.S.
Secret Gestapo Police. This is, in spite of my having
contacted the police immediately after the incident.
In fact, there have been so many civil liberties
violations, I can hardly list them (visit

In this most recent attempt, I was out at night in
Lafayette, LA.The main reason I could not rent a hotel
room was that my ID, ATM card AND credit card were
negligently OSTby a corrupt hospital
in Central LA (Coincidently, this appears to
frequently happen to people who cannot replace cards
without a mailing address.)

Thus, without housing, I remained in the vicinity of
an all night convenience store on the 5700 block of
Johnston Street near the Acadian Shopping Mall in
Lafayette. Despite my efforts to remain awake all
night as I knew it would be safer to sleep during
daylight hours, I fell asleep at a picnic table near
"Toys'R Us" as dawn approached. I woke up with a knife
at my throat. And although I am not that young now, I
did not panic as I have had years of self-defense
training. And so, I was able, thank God, to seize the
knife and throw it out of range so that I could not be
overpowered with the weapon. The
gentthen tried to get me into a
stranglehold (as they have tried on previous murder
attempts) which I was able to fight off, all the time
screaming. Eventually he left and I left afterward for
the convenience store (I did not stay right at the
store as I may have been arrested for loitering or
trespassing). The salesgirl said she had heard the
screams but did nothing.
I called the police, who arrived with EMS. However,
luckily I did not need EMS as the stab wound was very
light. I brought the police back to the scene of the
crime and located the knife. I turned it over to the
The attacker was apparently a young, highly fit white
male, whom I could not see clearly in the shadows.
There was no rape attempt.

Later, upon calling the Lafayette Police station, I
found that NO POLICE REPORT HAD BEEN MADE. There was
NOTHING ON FILE. The newspapers in Lafayette, though
friendly, never returned my calls when I tried to
report on this. So the incident was covered up
completely (WHY?), despite the popularity of this
shopping mall.

I thank in advance anyone who can offer further legal
assistance. If you can offer advice, please send a
copy to me at  cwehrle05@sprintpcs.com.

A Visit from The Boys in Black Is Expected.
Its late fall of 2004. Fred McKenna* surveys his
beloved radionics equipment with sorrow.  am
expecting a visit from the boys in black,he
sighs to me. Because he has been engaged in storm
mitigation and deflection, he sure that
military and other authorities know of his location
and activities. Fred has already begun to dispose of
the reagents, the active principle used for the
roadcastof specific corrective
energies to persons or the environment. By
transferring their activity to the land itself, he
hopes this might at least protect a passive aspect of
his operation. But he fears that the machines
themselves may no longer be in his possession by the
end of the following year.

Its for good reason that Fred is concerned about
confiscation of his radionics machines. He has
received numerous threatening phone calls; his
computer has been sabotaged while connected to
satellite weather-data sites; and he has even been
subjected to a psionic attack intended to cause a car
crash which would have happened if he had not
serendipitously made an unplanned turn off the
highway. Just as he was stopping the car, he was
suddenly plunged into unconsciousness (for which no
medical explanation could be found). Had he continued
on the road, he said, the car would have smacked into
a rock face.

.Just because Fred lives in Canada, he is not exempt
from interference or even being arrested. The U.S.
military has a very long arm. As evinced by many
examples, the US feels it has the right to reach into
any nation on earth to take whatever it wills by
force, whether this is oil fields or
weather-influencing technology.