An Exclusive, Just Recorded Specifically for Building Bridges:
Disasters, Natural and Otherwise:
Race, Class and the Destruction of New Orleans.
with Tim Wise

Once again Time Wise is on the case and offers our listeners, for the first time
his just completed analysis of the disaster in the Delta, a watershed in
contemporary race relations in this country. Tim Wise is one of the most brilliant,
articulate, and courageous critics of racism in the nation. His considerable
rhetorical skills, his literary gifts and relentless search for the truth make his
revolutionary critique of the disaster in the Delta fundamental listening for all who
seek to understand why race continues to shape life in the United States. But,
most importantly his discourse provides us with a revolutionary path to follow
to rebuild those affected areas of the Delta and if followed could critically alter
the racial divide in this country. His analysis in any event should be internalized
and adopted to help shape the work and demands of activists in every one of
their endeavors.

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