Encampment at the white house: Oct 12 until nov 2 !
When: 10/12/05

TO SERVE NOTICE ON BEHALF OF A GROWING MOVEMENT: The beginning of the end of the Bush regime.

We cannot say 'we did not know' when this Regime tortured people and justified it. Even now President Bush is vowing to veto any bill limiting the use of torture.

We cannot say 'we didn't understand what it meant' when former Secretary of Education and drug Czar William Bennett publicly contemplated genocidal policies of "crime prevention" by aborting all African-American babies.

We cannot say 'we did nothing' when both houses confirmed a Roberts/Miers Supreme Court and Roe v. Wade was set up to be reversed, and opposition demobilized.

We cannot say 'we didn't see the difference it would make' to science and the future of life on the planet when creationism was promoted at the expense of critical thought, from the highest office in the land.

We cannot say 'we hoped the pendulum would swing' when leading Democrats refused to even speak at a major anti-war rally.

From the call for November 2nd: "The Bush regime is setting out to radically remake society very quickly, in a fascist way, and for generations to come. We must act now; the future is in the balance.

2008 and 2006 are too late.

We are serving notice at the door of the White House that a new movement is now forming to stop this disastrous course by taking action. On November 2nd, it begins: a mass political resistance that will not stop until this regime is driven from office.

How will history judge us? Sharply, unless we act decisively! Join those who have declared silence and paralysis to be unacceptable, who are not waiting for saviors from the Democratic Party. Represent for those across the country who know that this regime must be stopped and are taking responsibility to do it. Taking much inspiration from Cindy Sheehan's heroic action and Camp Casey, we calling on all to raise the level of resistance with bold acts of defiance and redirect the course the Bush regime has taken.

Join us at an encampment in Lafayette Park, as close as we can get to the White House. A rotating and growing gathering of voices of conscience will enumerate all the reasons this regime must go. We will count down to November 2nd. On October 12, our banner will go up in front of the White House: "21 days till the beginning of the end of the Bush Regime" and our Call will be on display. November 2nd, the anniversary of the so‑called re-election of Bush, will be the day when history starts to change. Finally!

We will have special focuses over the 21 days, including NO Theocracy; NO Genocide (a salute October 14/15 to the Millions More gathering on the Mall); NO Intolerance (a celebration of gay marriage); NO Forced Motherhood (Come on out, pro‑choice movement!); NO Suppression of Science & Destroying the Environment, and more. (Schedule TBA).

Get with us right away to join in the planning and commit your presence.

All out for November 2nd!

The World Can't Wait! Drive Out the Bush Regime.

Debra Sweet

World Can't Wait