Interview with Stephen Kent. We discuss summer in the Bay area; the Olgas, the place that inspired him to become a didjeridu player; his band Furious Pig; John Peel on the BBC; the infuence of Captain Beefheart, the punk era, African tribal drumming, Balinese Kecak. Frank Zappa, The Doors; Igor Stravinsky and Edgar Varèse; moving to London; Het; how he came into music; growing up in Uganda; how he became the music director and a performer for Circus Oz; the plight of Australian Aborigines; how Ian Drury and the Blockheads helped inspire him to play the didjeridu; dreamtime; why he left Circus Oz; going on a walkabout; returning to Europe and founding the Ra Ra Zoo circus; flutist Steev Kinwald; Music in the World of Islam; percussionist John loose; how Lights In A Fat City began; percussionist Eddy Sayer; travelling to the U.S.; how Trance Mission was formed; musicians Kenneth Newby and Beth Custer; collaborating with Jonah Sharp, Terence McKenna and Rose-X Media House; Astralwerks; Alien Dreamtime CD and DVD; why the didjeridu became so popular in the 80’s and the 90’s; the progression of his solo albums; producer Simon Tassano; the versatility of the didjeridu; bagpipe player Jimi McRae; recording Elders Lament the day before 9/11; the pibroch lament; doing his show shortly afterwards at WKPFA.

Featured songs are "Valley of the Winds", "Edge of Three" and "Elders Lament".

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