Interview with Dr. Dona De Sanctis of the Order Sons of Italy in America about the Columbus: Fact vs. Fiction report which presents a series of documented facts on the life of Columbus, his explorations and their significance, as well as the history of Columbus Day in the United States. We discuss the controversial charges about the explorer that have been levied in recent years, accusing him of racism, genocide and slave trading; how Columbus was considered a hero for most of U.S. history; pictures, painting and postage stamps of Columbus; the reputation of Columbus which they say has suffered at the hands of special interest groups since 1992 to further their 21st century political and social agendas; the true accomplishments and mistakes of Columbus; who really discovered Amercia; John Cabot; Giovanni da Verrazano; Amerigo Vespucci; diseases and pestililence brought to the new world; cocaine and tobacco; charges of racism against Columbus; his belief in God; clashes with the Taíno, Arawaks, Caribs and Canibs; slavery; cannibalism; judging 15th century morality by 21st century values; striving to live by our ideals.

Featured song is “One Love One World” by Craymo.

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