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We bring you a two hour special with a compilation of speeches by white, anti-racist, Tim Wise. In the aftermath of the Katrina devastation, the words of wise are more necessary than ever. Think white supremacy is a thing of the past? Well, stay tuned and you might just learn a thing or two about yourself, your neighbors and the gravity of America's problem with race.

Special Programming: Tim Wise ~ Teachings of a white anti-racist.

Up to 30,000 estimated to have died in the deadly and devastating earthquake over the weekend in South Asia. We go to Pakistan, the hardest hit country. And also, while the headlines tell a daily tale of tragedy for people living in the Palestinian Occupied Territories, tragedy, seeping into daily life, fuels the Palestinian playwright at home and in exile. We're joined in studio by playwrights from the new performance piece Acts for Palestine.

Deadly Quake Devastates South Asia
GUEST: Mr. I.A. Rehman, Director, Human Rights Commission of Pakistan.

Palestinian Playwrights Visit Wakeup Call
GUEST: Samia Halaby, Director of Acts for Palestine.
GUEST: Nathalie Handal, Writer, Director, Producer.

A Theatrical Benefit
For the "Made in Palestine" art exhibition
Sunday, October 16th & Monday, October 17th
6:00pm and 8:00pm showings each night
Blue Heron Arts Center
123 East 24 Street, New York City
For more information www.aljisser.org or 212-966-3517

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