Juan Cole's website sent me to this Newsday article which describes the "grim disappointment" with the new Iraqui constitution at the most recent meeting of the American Enterprise Institute. The article features interviews and notes on comments from disheartened Iraqi exiles once associated with Achmed Chalabi's pro-war lobby. Now, they are concerned that the new constitution leaves too weak a federal government and absolutely no political power for the Sunnis.
In Salon, Russ Feingold criticizes Democrats for supporting the Iraq war.
Meanwhile, Mark Kleiman speculates on the Huffington Post that Miller will soon become a defendant in the Rove-Libby & who-knows-who-else conspiracy to defame whistle-blower Wilson.
In addition, controversy grows over Miers; Specter and Leahy are calling for James Dobson to testify at her confirmation hearings, erm....if she gets that far. Call me crazy, but I would LOVE to see James Dobson get questioned by congress.