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Special prgramming with Arundhati Roy on Imperial Democracy.
2-hour special of speeches and conversation with award-winning author and activist Arundhati Roy.

6:30AM - 7AM
We speak with Kashmiris who are at the center of the weekend's devastating earthquake. And we also hear from Guatemalans who have just returned from the mud-covered villages surrounding Lake Attilan.

Kashmiris Most Devastated By Quake - Death toll could be as high as 80,000
GUEST: Shanawaz Khan, FSRN reporter.

Indigenous Guatemalan Villages Drowned in Mud
GUEST: Miguel Sisay, Family is From Santiago Atitlan, he has just returned from the area.
*** Please make donations for the families devastated to IFCO - Pastor's For Peace: 212-926-5757.

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