A Workers World Newspaper Public Forum
In cooperation with the New School Student Human Rights Group
Saturday, October 22, 3 p.m.
New School, 66 West 12th Street, NYC

Katrina: A Challenge to the Movement
Forging a united front between the
Black liberation, workers’ and
anti-imperialist struggles

Host: Monica Moorehead Workers World newspaper editorial staff

Panelists include:
Brenda Stokely Million Worker March Movement Eastern Region Co-coordinator; Co-convener, New York City Labor Against The War

Chris Silvera Million Worker March Movement Eastern Region Co-coordinator; Pres. Teamsters National Black Caucus

Nellie Bailey Harlem Tenants Council, Troops Out Now Coalition

Saladin Muhammad Chairperson, Black Workers for Justice & Southern Region Coordinator of the Million Worker March Movement

Larry Holmes Workers World Party, Troops Out Now Coalition

For more information call 212.627.2994

Hurricane Katrina, which the Million Worker March Movement has labeled the Black Nation’s 9/11, has exposed the true nature of capitalism.

The people of the world have more to fear from a decaying imperialist system and the war, poverty, national oppression and racism that it produces, than they do from nature.

Katrina has also opened a new opportunity to forge unity between the Black liberation struggle, the workers’ struggle, and the anti-imperialist struggle, unity that will prove decisive in the world struggle against imperialism that is like a storm gathering more force each day.

We invite you to join Workers World Newspaper and its friends in a public discussion of the issues.