To understand why animal testing is happening, we need to look closely at the pharmaceutical corporations and their profit from human disease. Whether Huntingdon Life Sciences tests puppies, kittens, rats, chimpanzees, insects or any other animals is irrelevent. The point is that ALL animal testing is based on several myths concocted by the pharmaceutical and chemical corporations, going back to the pre-WW2 Nazi chemical conglomerate IG Farben (now Bayer-Hoechst, Syngenta, etc.) and their trading partners across the Atlantic DuPont and Standard Oil (Rockefeller/JP Morgan holdings). This is just the tip of the iceberg when looking at the sources of animal testing myths by petrochemical pharma corporations. The Nazis attempted to compensate for the skewed (innaccurate) results of animal testing by forcing chemical/pharmaceutical products on concentration camp inmates. The US imperialists followed their Nazi leaders by continuing this trend post WW2. Prison inmates in the US are often the unknowing subjects of trial pharma drugs, especially psychiatric drugs..

When animal tests go wrong;

Thalidomide is one example of a product tested on animals that went to market presumed safe. The German chemical corporation Chemie Grünenthal tested the pharma product of rats and recorded no adverse results. Soon the product was released as Contergan (Kevadon in US) as relief for women experiencing pain during childbirth. Other countries in Europe also carried out independent animal tests and also found no adverse results. The tragedy occurred when over 1o,000 women who had taken thalidomide gave birth to children with flipper limbs instead of hands (phocomelics) among other deformities..

"In fact when the link between human foetal abnormalities and thalidomide was established (through clinical observation), the world-wide explosion of animal testing, using a large range of species, proved very difficult to duplicate the abnormalities. (16) Writing in his book Drugs as Teratogens, J.L. Schardein observes: "In approximately 10 strains of rats, 15 strains of mice, eleven breeds of rabbit, two breeds of dogs, three strains of hamsters, eight species of primates and in other such varied species as cats, armadillos, guinea pigs, swine and ferrets in which thalidomide has been tested teratogenic effects have been induced only occasionally." (17) Eventually after administrating high doses of thalidomide to certain species of rabbit (New Zealand White) and primates could similar abnormalities be found. However researchers pointed out that malformations, like cancer, could occur when practically any substance, including sugar and salt, be given in excessive doses. (16)

All this just reaffirms what many doctors and scientists have been warning for a number of decades-animal experimentation misleads science and any similarity to the human situation is merely a coincidence and cannot be verified until the experiment is repeated on humans. Experimenting on animals is like playing roulette. (18)"

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To better understand the links between animal testing and pharmaceutical corporations, one needs to understand how pharma corporations are profiting from human disease. After all, if we were all healthy, who would pay all that money to pharmaceutical corporations?

Dr. Philip Rath has some great info on the manipulations of the pharmaceutical corporations. It comes down to pharma corporations suppressing healthy nutritional supplements to push their petrochemical based products, guaranteed "safe" after animal testing..

"The investment business with disease of the drug cartel has cost the lives of hundreds of millions of people, more than all the wars of mankind combined. If the people of the world do not act now, diseases like AIDS, cancer and cardiovascular disease which are killing four out of five people today, will continue for generations to come. Only if we, the people of the world, act now will we be able to liberate ourselves from the yoke of the drug cartel. The hidden World War III, the global war between the drug cartel and the people of the world, is well defined:"

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Who is behind transporting endangered species to animal test sites?

What is role of American Chemistry Council in continuing unsafe animal testing to hasten release of potentially carcinogenic toxins?

"The American Chemistry Council planned to kill animals in acute toxicity studies of the already well-characterized substance butadiene. Moreover, the levels to which they proposed to expose animals in these lethal poisoning tests were, literally, explosive."

Scum of the week award goes to ACC;

"The scum of the week is the American Chemistry council (ACC). They have funded inhalation studies and other experiments at HLS. We can prove that the ACC tested Phenol Vapour at HLS on guinea pigs and rats. The guinea pigs were exposed to the substance for 7 hours a day for five days a week. Five of the twelve guinea pigs died. These were then cut apart and examined which revealed that they had liver, lung, heart and kidney damage. Pregnant rats were exposed to Phenol Vapour and shortly after they gave birth the baby rats died.

Think how those animals must have felt towards the end of their lives slowly dying and all because of the American Chemistry council. But let1s not dwell on the animals they have killed, think about the animals of tomorrow."

The ACC will not comment on their involvement with HLS. Contact the ACC and tell them what you think of them:


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