After many nights of restless sleep, an infinite amount of unanswered questions, and several failed lesson plans, I think I can finally rest assured that I’m on the right track.

Last Monday, things just all of a sudden clicked.

Granted, it was only for a day, but finally, after all of my preparation and hard work I really felt like I was teaching. It was a moment I don’t think I’ll ever forget. My first thought was “Wow, I’m really doing this. They’re all looking at me…I thought I would never be able to do this…I’m teaching.”

I almost stopped mid sentence. I all of a sudden had this realization that I was the teacher. That I was teaching. People were looking at me as I once looked at my teachers.

I had a class full of seniors and was introducing a persuasive essay project. It was a feeling I’ve never had before, more so than just feeling like a teacher, it was an overwhelming feeling of accomplishment.

Growing up, I never thought about teaching I was always scared of talking in front of others and I was never one to volunteer answers in class. I used to turn the brightest shade of red when I knew that all eyes were on me. So, as I stood in front of 30 high school seniors, with their eyes fixed on me, patiently waiting for the next line to come spewing out of my mouth, and I didn’t feel like this, I was overcome with happiness. I was so sure of myself and so enthusiastic about my lesson, it made me tingle.

This feeling was a product of everything that has gotten me to where I am right now - my work, my nerves, my hopes and my struggles - and so I can honestly say, I hope all of these feelings continue just so that I can have that high of teaching again.