Eduwonk blog calls attention to a conference taking place this week at the Kennedy School of Government at Harvard on education adequacy lawsuits. From looking over the agenda, it appears that the speakers are the A-list of scholars who usually line up against unions and against public education, including Eric Hanushek, Paul Peterson, Chester Finn, Terry Moe, Michael Podgursky, Caroline Hoxby and even Clinton-hounder Kenneth Starr, for heaven’s sake. The New York State Campaign for Fiscal Equity’s Michael Rebell is about the only prominent name in defense, and he looks badly outgunned (though Rebell can hold his own). What do these folks want to say about adequate school funding?? Eduwonk suggests there will be an effort by voucher proponents to claim state adequacy funds (such as our CFE funds) for vouchers. The papers sound bland enough, but the cast of characters is not. A Harvard conference suggesting that adequacy suits are a big drain on the public purse would be another step backwards. And why have Bloomberg and Klein been so conspicuously silent on the CFE money anyway? Is there some backroom deal? Who knows, but ever since city lawyers told the CFE judge they didn’t think the city should pay a dime towards the settlement, momentum has stalled on getting those funds to city schools. If Bloomberg can spend $50 million on his own reelection campaign, why is a dime towards education too much for him?