Don't believe mike's political spin.

Don't believe mike's political spin.

"Bloomberg has denied everything in the three lawsuits (although, according to the Daily News, he has admitted to "normal banter"). He told the News he took a polygraph, and that he passed it, but he's refused to release the details of the test. He gave a deposition in the Garrison suit. But by the terms of the settlement, the Bloomberg deposition was never made public and both sides agreed not to discuss anything relating to the suit.

One of the other suits, filed by Mary Ann Olszewski, was dismissed because of mistakes by the plaintiff's counsel (late filings among them). The third suit, by T. Diane Winger, has been dropped (Winger's husband also worked for Bloomberg, and was subsequently found to have embezzled money, which may or may not have been a factor in the disappearance of the case).

Let us assume that absolute truth is unknowable.

And yet what we have here fits. It sounds like Michael Bloomberg. It sounds like Wall Street. The charges are relentless and specific -- page after page of gross but nuanced relations between employer and employee

In politics, all we customarily require is a smell test -- and that smell test is what, in politics, informs the character issue. What's more, there are three lawsuits here -- remember what only one did to Bill Clinton..."

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perhaps that's why bloomberg vetoed last years NYC school Anit-Bullying Measure

"Michael R. Bloomberg vetoed legislation passed by the City Council aimed at protecting students and staff in New York City schools from bullying and harassment on the basis of multiple criteria, including gender identity, race and sexual orientation."

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know the truth about this man, his past and this treatment of women.