Join us for cocktails, buffet, performances, guest DJs, brilliant
conversation and spirited bidding!!!

Proceeds to benefit the ABC No Rio Building Renovation Fund.

SILENT AUCTION with work by Carl Andre, Jonathan Berger, Jennifer Berklich,
Mike Bidlo, Kathe Burkhart, Mary Campbell, Amy Chan, Patty Chang, Paul
Clay, Ernest Concepcion, Maureen Connor, Thom Corn, Peter Cramer, CRASH,
Jody Culkin, Peggy Cyphers, DAZE, Mike Diana, Eric Drooker, Stefan Eins,
Mike Estabrook, Ebon Fisher, Fly, Robert Flynt, David B. Frye, FUCKIN REVS,
Chitra Ganesh, Robert Goldman, Felix Gonzalez-Torres, Judy Glantzman, Day
Gleeson, Mike Glier, A. Banks Griffin, Mimi Gross, GRRRR.net, Bob Gruen,
Hans Haacke, Julie Hair, Gibby Haynes, Geoffrey Hendricks, Brian Higbee,
Becky Howland, Patrizia Iglesias, Bill Jacobson, Vandana Jain, Stephen
Lack, Gabrielle Leidloff, Leslie Lowe, Noah Lyon, Anne Arden McDonald, Mac
McGill, Manny Migrino, Peter Moore, Joseph Nechvatal, Pierre Obando, Claes
Oldenburg, Yoko Ono, Tom Otterness, Francis Palazzolo, Kembra Pfahler,
Philli, Rick Prol, Carlo Quispe, Ted Rall, James Romberger, Christy Rupp,
Max Schumann, Scott Seaboldt, James Sheehan, Gregory Sholette, Ethan
Shoshan, Zak Smith, Kiki Smith, Hugh Steers, Pat Steir, Swoon, Tabboo!
Stephen Tashjian, Seth Tobocman, Marguerite Van Cook, Anton Van Dalen, Tom
Warren, Jack Waters, David Wells, John White, Dale Wittig, Virgil Wong.


GUEST DJs: Dan Cameron, Carlo McCormick and other curators, writers,
gallerists and artists!

Participating Benefit Committee Members include Penny Arcade, Stanley
Aronowitz, Doug Ashford, Julie Ault, Paul Bartlett, Holly Block, Dan
Cameron, Paul Castrucci, Jeffrey Deitch, Harvey Epstein & Anita Eliot,
William Etundi, Ronald Feldman, Jim Fleming & Lewanne Jones, Barry Friar,
Lia Gangitano, Carl George, Mateo Gomez, Phil Hartman, Sander Hicks,
Barbara Hunt, Lisa Levy, Gracie Mansion, Carlo McCormick & Tessa
Hughes-Freeland, Dave McWater, Marc Miller, Alan Moore, Barbara Moore,
Rebecca Moore, Richard Nash, Wendy Olsoff, Al Orensanz, Karen Ramspacher,
Karen Ranucci & Michael Ratner, Walter Robinson, Neil Rosenstein, Howie
Seligman, Greg Sholette, Sur Rodney Sur, Frederieke Taylor, Nato Thompson,
Julie Trotta, Jack Waters, Bill Weinberg and Martha Wilson.

71 Clinton Fresh Food and Alias
Two Boots and Mo Pitkin's
Floral design by Evelyn Tonry

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* ABC No Rio

ABC No Rio is a collectively-run center for art and activism. We are
known internationally as a venue for oppositional culture. ABC No
Rio was founded in 1980 by artists committed to political and social
engagement and we retain these values to the present.

We seek to facilitate cross-pollination between artists and activists.
ABC No Rio is a place where people share resources and ideas to
impact society, culture, and community. We believe that art and
activism should be for everyone, not just the professionals, experts,
and cognoscenti. Our dream is a cadres of actively aware artists and
artfully aware activists.

Our community is defined by a set of shared values and convictions.
It is both a local and international community. It is a community
committed to social justice, equality, anti-authoritarianism,
autonomous action, collective processes, and to nurturing alternative
structures and institutions operating on such principles. Our
community includes artists and activists whose work promotes
critical analysis and an expanded vision of possibility for our lives
and the lives of our neighborhoods, cities, and societies. It includes
punks who embrace the Do-It-Yourself ethos, express positive
outrage, and reject corporate commercialism. It includes nomads,
squatters, fringe dwellers, and those among society's disenfrachised
who find at ABC No Rio a place to be heard and valued.