Get involved with restarting this Global IMC project!

The global importance of reporting on climate issues and community
climate action/protests cannot be overstated. To this end, I am
proposing the resurrection of climate indymedia.

I hope that all people interested in getting involved in this project
join this list:

or visit:



FoE Brisbane Climate Justice Collective
4ZzZ102.1fm Radical Radio
B.A.S.T.A.R.D collective, Brisbane

*Other sites referring to climate indy for background:*

* INDY Docs on Climate:*

Global Climate Change Issues Page (created by DoopaD
- 16 May 2005)

Discussion pages on theme based indymedias:

*Internal emails referring to climate indy:*

[Process] Idea – listing climate indymedia as a project

[New-imc] Immediate proposal: Climate.indymedia

[New-imc] issue-based imcs and next steps does not currently exist. Although an
archived site exists here: