Minutemen head to NNY in week
Civilians will focus on Massena area

By David Winters
Times Staff Writer
Thursday, October 13, 2005

MASSENA -- The Minuteman Project is coming to Northern New York next week.

The civilian group engaged in an ongoing effort to stem illegal immigration
from Mexico hopes to duplicate its success along the Canadian border. A
Hopkinton man will be among about 40 volunteers watching the U.S.-Canadian border
near the St. Regis Mohawk Reservation on Oct. 22 and 23 to catch illegal

"The reservation is known as a place for goods and persons to have been
smuggled across for years," said Miles D. Wolpin, a former Hopkinton town justice
and retired Potsdam State University College political science professor.

The Minuteman Project formed about a year ago after concerns arose about the
number of immigrants crossing the U.S. border from Mexico. Its first patrols
were in Arizona.

"We are mainly interested in dramatizing the utter failure of the Bush
administration -- to protect the border and patrol the border. To effectively
enforce the immigration laws of this country," Mr. Wolpin said.

The group will center its efforts on Massena but won't enter the St. Regis
Mohawk Reservation.

"We'll be the eyes and ears of the Border Patrol in that area," said New York
Minuteman Project spokesman Peter Lanteri in a telephone interview Wednesday
from Three Points, Ariz. "If we spot someone, we will contact the Border

The group of about 40 volunteers will come mostly from around the state, but
some will travel from New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Massachusetts. Each
volunteer pays $50, which covers the cost of a background check, to participate.

"It is just a neighborhood watch," Minuteman Project national spokeswoman
Connie Hair said. "They are looking for illegal immigrants coming across the
border. When they see something, they will pick up a telephone and call the Border

Mr. Lanteri said he didn't know whether the group's presence would draw

Border Patrol spokesman Ross DeLacy wasn't available for comment Wednesday.

[Ed.] I'm heading up there with some comrades to confront them. I'll find a meeting time and space and I'll get in touch with the Mohawk Nation. Anyone interested? Email me:  maslauskas@riseup.net