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Special Programming ~ Congressman Shirley Chisholm: Racism and the Urban Crisis
America's First Black Congresswoman: Shirley Chisholm. Speech given by the Congresswoman in 1977.

Chisholm 72: Unbought &Unbossed
Interview: Shola Lynch, Filmmaker.

Earthquake Update
GUEST: Pervez Hoodbhoy, Professor of physics at Quaid-e-Azam University, Islamabad.

What Some White folks in New Orleans Have to Say
GUEST: Jane Doe, Average white woman from New Orleans who knows how to sing "Jesus Loves Me" in Zulu.

Another Hate Crime Against a Taxi Driver?
GUEST: Habib Bhuyian, Shajedur Rahman's Brother-in-law.
GUEST: Bhairavi Desai, NY Taxi Workers Alliance.

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