What’s up with the five Executive Board members who at this late date want to change the contract ratification election process that the Executive Board and the delegates overwhelmingly–80 to 20 per cent–approved on October 11?

What’s up with a resolution that they presented tonight for a vote at the Executive Board that called for space in the next New York Teacher when they knew full well that the next New York Teacher would be published after the election process was completed?

What’s up with some Executive Board members who want to usurp the democratic tradition of this union by trying to run roughshod over the will of the delegates and the rights of chapter leaders to conduct elections in schools?

You know what’s up? They’re trying to exploit these difficult times for working people for their own benefit not yours. They are trying to roil the waters for their own political purposes while the leadership has the constitutional obligation to represent the facts – the pluses and minuses, the gains and the tradeoffs and the repercussions of the decisions we as a union make.  

Please read the Fact Sheet to get a quick overview of what the MOA contains.
Please read the Memorandum of Agreement in the New York Teacher or online at to make up your own mind. The full version of the facts is there!

 And finally, take a look at the Salary Chart to see what you will be making by October 2006