However, it will do little good unless the Senator seriously, tenaciously and relentlessly follows up on this issue and continues to hound the Dubya Administration over it.

This is an excellent time for Senator Schumer to repeat his demand from August 2004, over a year ago, that the Administration provide an explanation for another intelligence leak, the outing of Muhammad Naeem Noor Khan.

A closer study of the Noor Khan case may indeed establish a pattern of abuse of classified information by White House operatives and shed further light on the Valerie Plame case.

Also, the possible connection with the Noor Khan leak and the bombing of the London Underground on July 7th, 2005 must be fully investigated.

These cases together expose the dangers posed by this Administration.

Please, Senator Schumer! Be certain to follow up on both cases!

Please click here to petition Senator Schumer to revisit the Muhammad Naeem Noor Khan case.