Urgent Call for Relief: Guatemala
Dear Friends, Colleagues and Sponsors:
Surely by now you are aware of the devastating effects hurricane Stan has
caused the Central American region. The Western and Central Highlands of
Guatemala and the Pacific Coast were struck by relentless rains for five
days, resulting in major landslides and the bursting of rivers, which swept
away homes, roads, bridges and crops, leaving many communities without
access to communication, basic supplies or medical attention. In the Lake
Atitlán region, department of Sololá, all surrounding villages have been
affected, specifically the two largest towns, Santiago Atitlán and
Panajachel, with an estimated 1,500 deaths and hundreds of people missing.

We respectfully request your immediate financial support in attending to the
urgent issues facing the community of Santiago Atitlán.

IMAP is an non-for-profit organization working with rural communities in the
preservation of biodiversity, the establishment of food security and
environmental education. We are located on the southern shore of Lake
Atitlan, 10 kilometers from Santiago Atitlán. Because of current conditions,
we have suspended our planned activities in order to concentrate on relief
and prevention efforts in coordination with the municipality of Santiago
Atitlán and other local and international non-governmental organizations.

Our concern is for the immediate needs of families who are without water,
food, sanitation, medical attention and housing. Currently, an estimated one
thousand people are being housed in 10 provisional shelters where the
sanitary conditions pose a major health risk to the community. In light of
our human resources and abilities, we have decided to concentrate our
efforts in two areas: 1) securing food for at least one shelter and 2)
installing water tanks and purifying equipment for at least three shelters.
To the extent possible, we will also work on sanitation issues with respect
to the same three shelters, in terms of installing latrines. Donations
received by IMAP will go directly towards these efforts.

Please send donations to our umbrella organization Permaculture America
Latina (PAL) with 501 C-3 status.

Permacultura America Latina
723 Allendale Street
Santa Fe, NM 87505
505-989-1695 ph.
505-988-9702 fax

If you wish to send a wire, you have two options:
Use Wells Fargo's FedWire routing transit number, 121000248 for domestic
wires or use Wells Fargo's Swift code: WFBIUS6S for international wires

Bank Name: Wells Fargo Bank, N.A.
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Routing transit number 121000248 or SWIFT address: WFBIUS6S
Account number: 769-0079853
Account title — Permacultura America Latina
Instituto Mesoamericana de Permacultura
San Lucas Tolimán, Departamento de Solola
Guatemala, Centro America
502 55848111 - Ronaldo Lec
502 57868033 - Rebecca Cutter