With obesity on the rise and many teens opting to veg-out on the couch and play militarized video games, one high school is encouraging fitness through bike riding. LaGuardia High School is forming a cycling club. Liam P. Quigley contacted me to let everyone know about their website Lagca.com

He writes: “Hi. I currently attend Laguardia High School for music and arts in Manhattan. Just recently we got a cycling association started. We are planning to do rides, not only fun rides, but competition riding soon enough (A High School Cycling Team).

As far as I know we are the first official High School Cycling Association in the city, and it would be great if you could put a link to our website on your website.

The Website is http://lagca.com - Might serve is an inspiration for other schools to get Bike clubs started, considering the puny number of students who bike to school nowadays.

Thanks, - Liam P. Quigley”