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Special Programming ~ Scott Ritter: Iraq Confidential
Scott Ritter, former UN arms inspector and Seymour Hersh, prize-winning investigative journalist, in an incisive discussion of how the country can extract itself from the Iraq quagmire.

An Exhibition on the Human Cost of the Iraq War
REPORTER: Brendon Costello.

The Eyes Wide Open Exhibit
October 20 NJ Newark's Military Park from 8AM-4PM
October 22-23 NY Union Square SAT 8AM-9PM SUN 8AM-4PM
For more information, go to www.eyes.afsc.org or call 212.598.0961

Remembering Walter Rodney
GUEST: Lincoln van Sluytman, an activist and close friend of the late Walter Rodney.

Walter Rodney Across the Generations: An Evening of Reflection
Celebrating and commemorating the life of scholar/activist,
Dr. Walter Rodney
on the twenty-fifth anniversary of his assassination in Guyana
Special Guests: Asha and Kanini Rodney

Friday, October 21 @ 6pm to 9 pm
Schomburg Center for Research in Black Culture
515 Malcolm X Blvd. NYC
Dream Your World into Being
GUEST: Melissa Zollo, imagist and speaker focused on consciousness, the power of imagination, mental imagery, and manifestation.

Come learn why your feelings are worth a fortune and how to harness
your vibrational nature! Now is the time to summon the fulfillment of
your dreams!

Saturday, October 22 @ 12pm - 3:00pm
Olive Leaf Wholeness Center
143 East 23rd St, NYC
Cost:$75.00 in advance, $85.00 at the door
To enroll, please call (212) 477-0405

Indypendent's Latest Issue Hits Stands Today
GUEST: John Tarleton, volunteer with the New York Indypendent, the
newspaper put out by the New York Independent Media Center.