Your boy, Dr. Joe Twist, flexing his ill participant-observer fieldwork styles at one of King Uprock's Dollar Jams* at IS93 in Queens, as seen in the legendary Martha Cooper & Nika Kramer's excellent & inspiring new book, We B*Girls [by the way: the big dude with the ponytail next to me is PJAY71, who, you will remember, hooked up my boombox].

My own "Where's Waldo"-esque** appearance aside, you should buy this book because it's full of pictures and perspectives of b-girls from around the world. I shouldn't even have to explain to you why that's so cool. Oh, plus the cover features my pal B-Girl Emiko from Flexible Flave.

*He's actually holding another one next weekend:
1st Annual B-boy Contender Crew Battle Series
October 29, 2005
3pm - 9pm
The Beacon / I.S. 93
$3, members / $5, non-members
66-56 Madison Ave. Ridgewood, Queens
L train to Myrtle & Wyckoff station, transfer upstairs to M train to Forrest Ave. Walk one block over.

**As characterized by my student, Mike Watson. Yes, this is the kind of respect I inspire...