A new opposition is being born. In DC hundreds of thousands turned out in the biggest antiwar demonstration since the start of the Iraq war. The anger and outrage against Bush's policies at home and abroad were summed up in the slogans, "Make Levees Not War" and "No Iraqis Left Me on a Rooftop to Die."

Millions of people are asking fundamental questions about, in Time magazine's words, "system failure." The free market at home and abroad has produced savage inequalities. Instead of addressing these, the US government has imposed free trade policies that have further impoverished the world's workers and peasants and pursued vicious attacks on our living standards here at home. To back up its reactionary economic agenda, Bush has diverted hundreds of billions of dollars to war and occupation, leaving a trail of devastation in Afghanistan, Iraq, and Haiti.

These horrors have laid the foundation for the new opposition and a new left. Cindy Sheehan's stirring protest outside Bush's ranch in Texas re-galvanized the antiwar movement. Katrina then sealed the end of what
remained of Bush's post 9/11 consensus. The hurricane's devastation and the government's callous, repressive, and racist response exposed all that's wrong with American society.

In the wake of Camp Casey, Katrina, and the DC march, Bush has gone from winning an election in a polarized country to now becoming the least popular reelected president since Nixon, with solid majorities opposed to all his policies.

With increasing urgency, a new generation of activists is looking for an alternative that can explain the crisis in our world and help galvanize a fight for a better society. This year's Northeast Socialist Conference,"War, Racism, and Poverty: Time for an Alternative," addresses today's burning issues, how to fight for immediate reforms, and organize for a new society - a socialist society built to meet human needs from New Orleans to Baghdad.

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