Here are the phone numbers they're providing for media access in their press advisory. Do you have any interesting ideas for phone jamming? How about txt messaging? Is there an automated way to do it, or is just calling them and giving them a piece of your mind the best strategy? In the past, the imitation factor has been effective, pretending to register as a volunteer. Maybe pretending to set up lots of interviews around town is a good idea. Have fun, and we'll see you in Sacramento on October 29th at 10am to disrupt the Minutemen rally ( )!


MEDIA ACCESS will be facilitated at the rally and at film showing on Oct. 29.

In the meantime other availabilities can be arranged with participants.

Minuteman Civil Defense Corp: CONTACT: Connie Hair 703-822-4665
9-11 Families for a Safer America: CONTACT: Peter Gadiel, 860-927-3822
California Border Police Initiative: CONTACT: Assemblyman Ray Haynes, 916-319-2066
Gilchrist Campaign: CONTACT: Tim Bueller, 949-588-8683.
Friends of the Border Patrol: CONTACT: Andy Ramirez, 909-613-9211
“Cries From the Border,” CONTACT: May Kolbe 520-366-5779
Doug Alan: CONTACT: Thomas Sapper 415-898-5078.
Dan Sheehy: CONTACT: Dan Sheehy, 310-544-1918

and Roger Canfield (the main Sacramento rally organizer) can be reached at 916-961-6718